Anyone with an irrepressible urge to make shit up can do it in here

Anyone with an irrepressible urge to make shit up can do it in here

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Part of me wants to see chaos and pandemonium and for the powerful to shake in their boots.

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I often wish of the way were some country starts a war with America and pushes their shit in. I know it wouldn't happen, but can you imagine how shaken the world would be if that happens.

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Still secretly hoping for a WWIII

Dont make fun of banjo boy, hes good people

I crashed my car and broke my back, nearly dying because i am a drug addict who was inhaling computer duster while driving.
No one else knows. Not even family. They took pity on me & are supporting me financially. I feel guilty but am in way too deep to come clean now.

I wish for the unrepentant and powerful everywhere to suddenly face the wrath of God.

I got a secret, the best discord server in the world is right at your fingertips here


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In 10th grade our drama and arts teacher at school was fired for having sex with a senior student. Her husband was also a teacher at our school, and he was always a massive jerk.

I never told anyone because it would have caused a legal case if anyone took it seriously, but she held me behind after class, into a lunch break, once and asked me if I liked her. When i said yeah she was my favorite teacher, she kissed me, and then proceeded to take off her top and get me to fondle her breasts.

A few weeks later she asked me to stay behind again and she gave me my first blowjob, and then took my virginity. It was actually really good and she gave me a lot of the preferences I have now. I was 14 at the time, and she was 32. She told me afterwards that her husband never pleased her, and that's why she wanted me. She was a 7/10 but I had a thing for big tits so...

Never even told my friends, cause pedophilia is illegal.

I guess. I want the real status quo to be destroyed, I'm not talking in the liberal way where everything is pretty much the same, but slightly different.
Hell it would be some amazing is some James Bond-like villains just showed up and held their own against the worlds biggest military powers.

Not a secret, but my high school art teacher was fired for smoking pot with students and having a relationship with a former stupid.

Have a relationship with a stupid is always grounds for a good firing.

>She was a 7/10 but I had a thing for big tits so...
ok virgin

She wasn't a student at the time. It was technically perfectly legal.

I massacred 27 burgers in one sitting at White Castle back in '93.

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I want to bang all of my wife's female relatives. Sisters, daughter, mom, step sister. Not necessarily in that order.

Then get clean dumbass

I like fingering my asshole and smelling the anal mucus that comes out


Word user, im more on the world apocalypse type of event but i like your idea too.

Newfag btfo


How does it taste?

These threads are for half faggot spergs who wish they could have a screenname on Sup Forums. Fuck off and die.

I'm here ;)

Conceited USC bitch.

My ex-boyfriend pretty much convinced me to start doing porn most pov type porn like.

We filmed a bunch, but he broke up with me before he actually put them on porn hub. I have like 16 videos on my pc and I'm thinking about doing it anyway.

You fit right in

Dubsss who the fuck are you?

Are you getting dick during the week or is it only at the weekends?

I love live-action anime movies.

I know a guy who's niece stays 9 years old. Been that age for years. They shower together

wtf does that even mean? Also can relate. My family is/was part of a weird cult version of the Jehovah's Witnesses where they refused to acknowledge age.

Is that the same guy who watched his gf teach his other 12yr old niece how to shave her pussy?

I think his mom lives in the apartment directly above him and he hears her bed banging on the wall for a solid hour

Sounds like that's what got him into trouble to begin with.

I am Springheel Jack. I time travel

Only weekends now. Need time to recover.

What a whore.

Why recover? What happened?

Sex was too rough and guys keep fucking me a little too much last time.

I'm hard. Sorry.

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OK i'll take the bait. Just my opinion: Such a gangrape/gangbang is clearly ment to break a girl's mind. Even pornstars need to prepare such events and need time to recover after the session.
As you keep coming back for more, don't you think its like telling them they didn't 'do their job', so they'll probably will push the limits until they will break you mentally or physically?

I hope not. I just want to have some fun, I think 5-10 guys are more thah enough. I doubt I will do a big Gang Bang again.

You are so fucked up.

How do you think you'll be able to 'control' the number of partners if you're high on alcohol and coke again?
They might call more friends during the fuckery like you said they did on the first or second time (don't remember)
I don't want to scare the shit out of you, I'm just curious 'cause I've never heard of someone like you.
Like we say around here: "after all, it's YOUR ass. You're dealing with it as you want it"

At different points, I saw a lot of UFOs when I was younger.

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She is just another LA college slut, rich daddy girl doing crazy shit at USC or UCLA.


>You are so fucked up.
That's the least statement one can do, after 3 gangbangs! :))

When I was 10. my 13 year old sister said she would suck my dick, or I could stick it in her asshole. She was a good sister!

Mostly around my parents' house. But one time while on a flight from Texas, there was a big orange one right under the plane (we were well above the clouds, so it wasn't a hot-air balloon) that 'zoomed' from under us after about a few seconds of me taking notice to it.

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But you're bad in larping.

You are right probably. Love and hate it, hard to explain.

That's mean.

I have always wanted to share my gfs with other guys. Of the 6 gfs I had 3 of them went along with. It was so fucking hot.

I want to believe so bad sigh

How hot are you? So many players want to fuck you. Are you a real hottie?

You've no reason not to. All sorts of things going on that we're being distracted from.

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players would fuck anything in a campus party, that doesn't mean much

What are these? Ukrainian Fighting Officers?

>Like we say around here: "after all, it's YOUR ass. You're dealing with it as you want it"

When did we start saying this?

You better ve ready to be fucked by a whole fraternity. More skanky dresses this weekend?

I developed a crush on another boy in class, he'd just suddenly lose all light in his eyes and just stare at nothing, and my brain for some reason thought sexing with him as he "wasn't there" was the sexiest thing. Met him at a party years later, told me he got raped countless times, and was tortured, all of this from age 6 to 12, in his own house. He had 'nam tier PTSD. I broke down when he told me this, and HE had to take care of my sorry drunk ass.
Then I went home and fapped about us having sex as kids, and him with that same stare, and I still do, and I still feel like shit afterwards.

Soviets (80s)

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7.5/10, I think.

Oh yes, guys REALLY loved my last dress.

True that. USC is called University of Sluts and Chads.

pls post those vids

I'm into cuckold.

u boy or girl?

I'm a fag.

How many in the fraternity

Very big. You are scaring me a bit.

My bad, as I said 'around here' I meant physically/geographically around where I am
Maybe you never heard it or doesn't exist in english, but its quite usual in (slang) french: 'C'est ton cul, t'en fais ce que tu veux !"

>From year 3144
>Accident happen
>Friends died
>And I stuck here
>Cannot go home
>No one believes me
>Say I am lying and insane
>Put me in hospital
>Make me take pills
>Tired now
>Hard to think
>Please, I want to go home!

This is the only realistic post ITT.

>Destroy your dress
>Destroy you
Good luck with that game.

I am a cuck. It took me a while to convince my gf to sleep with my best friend but it happened. Many times.

Bad luck user. Sorry.

I used to practically live at my best friend’s house during summer break. Pretty much over there from sun up to sun down. He had a little sister who used to be an annoying brat and I’d avoid her like the plague but by the time she hit middle school she was turning into a bit of a dime piece. One day I was over just chilling on the couch watching TV while my friend was mowing the lawn. His sister comes in after walking back from the community pool down the street. She was only wearing a bikini and was looking particularly fuckable so, without even putting much thought into it I grabbed her, bent her over the kitchen counter, pulled her bikini bottoms down and started raw dogging her. She didn’t make much sound, she just stared straight ahead until I blew my load. Then I didn’t say anything to her and walked back to the living room. I didn’t see her for a few days after that, but neither of us mentioned it and we just went on about our business like normal. I’m still pretty shocked there were literally no consequences.