Should i buy a coconut, Sup Forums?

should i buy a coconut, Sup Forums?

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yes why not

no, fruits are bad

why not two of them

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you are serious a madman


how much its cost?

Open it by striking it, repeatedly, around the center, with the blunt side of a kitchen knife

dont do it op

Not that one. Get one that hasn't been husked, climb a tree if you have to.

buy it or no balls

Yes buy it and stuff it up your Ass. And post a pic

Coconuts can help you through your day. Why not.

Probably man.
You should get a lovely bunch of them.

buy cigaretts and buze like a real man instead

No! They're highly contagious

if dubs you steal it and post pics

I’ll roll for this.

squeeze it gently first, to check if it's ripe


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