Be me

>be me
>have one leg
>break it

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Did a nigger steal your other leg?

Fuck off larping faggot, at least give original time to cool before you leap your day away.

sad shit

reminds me of this one skating amputee that i knew back in high school...

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You got a broken leg for Christmas. Lets hope you break your arms for your birthday.

Timestump plz


lol no

I'm bored and crippled as fuck. Who cares m8

Let's not

Here you go.

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Stump next.

Do u just jerk off all day

Dude, someone should have let you know if you only have one leg and you break it, you won't be able to get around anymore. Hey man, that's not even your fault. You hear me? Hey. HEY. LOOK. AT. ME. It's not your fault. Ok? It's not your fault man. Get well soon sweetheart.

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Is this what Sup Forums is these days?

How did you break it

Tripped over his other leg.

You mean he tripped over his dick

Nah painkillers have my dick pretty dead. You're welcome to post some shit to try to counteract those effects though

Let's go with this Seriously though I broke it on a bad step with a loose board of all things.

Post nudes.

No it's faggots and traps and the same bait threads 4 times a day. Newfag.

Opiate painkillers are great for sex. You have no idea. You can get hard with a woman, but you won't cum. You can literally fuck for 4 hours straight, getting pleasure the entire time, and not have an orgasm. With the right girl, in the right situation, it's as close to heaven as we can get on this miserable mud ball called Earth.

hot hot leg

leg so hot

u break it