Question for the Bernie supporters out there: Why do you support an ideology that killed over 100 million people in the...

Question for the Bernie supporters out there: Why do you support an ideology that killed over 100 million people in the 20th century? You do know communism collapsed, right?

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The Earth is flat, faggot.

>centrist social democrat

Sorry senator McCarthy, Americans are waking up and tired of being screwed

Because this time they will do it right. They are smarter then anyone else thruoght history who has attempted it.

It's just degrees. Sure, he's a light socialist, but that's not far from Stalin.

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Ain't this the truth. Commies honestly believe this shit.

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Anyone that unironically believes that Bernie or his policies are comparable to communism should kill themselves for being completely retarded shill cucks for old money that they dont even have.

>Question for the Bernie supporters out there:
target bernie sanders supporters. use colon to directly associate first sentence with second
>Why do you support an ideology that killed over 100 million people in the 20th century? You do know communism collapsed, right?
implies bernie sanders is trying to establish a communist regime in USA, but never directly says it. allowing for deniability.

The real truth here is that while the post looks like it's supposed to trigger da libs. It's actually just going after republican soft targets. sad. manufactured. israeli.

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You do know democratic socialism is not the same as communism, right?

Oh wait, you're on Sup Forums. Never mind.

Sure Trump's a light nationalist, but that's not far from Hitler.

Do you see how fucking retarded that logic is?

Question for Americans: why do you defend a system that is so thoroughly fucked up to its core?
t. European with free college and no concept of medical debt

because I enjoy disappointing you.

Of course, comrade! It's the PEOPLE'S stick we'll be beating them with. They voted for it after all.

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You are actually embarrassing.

>It's the PEOPLE'S stick we'll be beating them with
Do you know that quote comes from anarcho-COMMUNIST Mikhail Bakunin?
Liberals are so fucking stupid I swear to god.

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What the fuck is this boomer tier image even attempting to say

The countries you're eluding to developed out of violent revolutions and a total overthrow of their governments. That is clearly not the case here, the constitution will still be in effect for instance.

Even then there is a massive difference, nobody is proposing a total nationalising of all industries. Almost none actually except for a single payer in the healthcare industry which will be the government.

I encourage you to seek out legitimate left youtube channels, not the sjw identity politics nonsense. They are out there

PS sometimes I wish I was still right wing, it can be very comforting to oversimplify things and think you are right about everything

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Yeah, countries with single payer healthcare systems and affordable/free education that have been prospering for years whilst Americans keep shooting each other and going bankrupt for getting sick are exactly like communist China and Russia!

Because they are so brainwashed of neoliberalism that they allow multimillionaires to pay literally no taxes and to fuck up capitalism because they think any regulated market is communism.

People really think Bernie gets anywhere near communism left LMAO

You think we're just going to let you take what belongs to us?

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Muh freedom

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This is like a cuckold husband complaining to his therapist whilst Tyrone bones his wife.

What belongs to you that would be taken away?
Even under full blown communism the vast majority of society would not lose anything. Y'all aren't the rich elite, as much as you'd like to pretend you are. You don't own the means of production.

What do you mean by that? You're already paying taxes if that's what you mean

i mad bro

Fuck dude. The russians JUST stopped the 24/7 trump posting. Now we got to deal with these fucking israeli kikes filling the boards with more politics shit.

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No its like you A worthless jew thinking you're going to implement communism without any kind of a fight

In January of 2019 the US government collapsed, too. Memory of a fucking goldfish.

Uh, what the fuck is property....

Not that its related but I am sure capitalism has it fair share of bodies

ah the prurient thoughts of a deranged jew

Finland literally still has universal healthcare which is by any reasonable metric considered a huge success you gigantic faggot.

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It's not like the super rich already have most of wealth and expanding it around 20% every year. Jeff bezos alone has around 150 billion. That's 150 000 million which is 150 000 000 000 $. And thats just one person. If you take the 10 000 richest murricans then they have more than you could ever make in a million years working.

Loom at Jeff bezos. He has 150 billion. That means if you would make 1 million every year then It would still take you 150 000 months to reach same wealth, which is around 12500 years.


Ok, non meme answer, there is a difference in socialist theory between "private property" and "personal property". Private property broadly speaking is stuff that makes you money while it's used by someone else - factories, rental properties, stuff like that fall under this category. Personal property is everything else - your home, your car, your toothbrush. When communists say abolish private property they are talking about the former.

The vast majority of people on this planet do not own any private property by this definition.

>Liberals are so fucking stupid I swear to god.
Yes they are. Good thing I'm a conservative

1 million every month I mean. If you would make 1 million every year it would be 150 000 years.

It's hard to imagine anything more embarrassing than poor right wingers defending the ultra elites extortion of their own countrymen, and like wind up toys started by their masters, crying about communism because a centrist Democrat suggested that 50 people owning half the planets resources MIGHT just be a rigged game.

I don't give a fuck about them, I actually own property, your jewish bullshit might work on broke millennial fags and niggers... But not i. Keep trying keep lying jew boy

We're gonna be more like Norway, bitch

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Bernie Sanders is more right wing that every other Western country's centre-right party.
In the UK, for example, he'd be considered a hard-liner in the Conservative party.

American politics are so warped that they have no idea what they're even talking about any more.
The idea that Sanders is socialist, let alone communist, is fucking laughable to anyone who actually had contact with those philosophies.

Nationalism is a form of socialism.

Being contrarian doesn't make you correct.

wrong, you nigger a guy on his campaign was talking about gulags... Gtfo

Fuck you. No real Americans will let you take their property. Not their businesses, not their cars, not their homes, and absolutely not their guns

This may blow your mind, but you can be a liberal and a conservative at the same time. In fact except for actual fascists and those weirdo hardcore restore the aristocracy types, most modern conservatives are very much liberal in the economic sense.

The government did not collapse, the PM resigned because they were shit at reforming it. The same government is still in power and they still have healthcare, he just resigned because the retard was a newcomer to politics and couldn't reform it

You commies that keep pushing this bullshit dialogue are insufferable. In my home country, we have a homelessness crisis because nearly 50% of all wealth goes to the govt for a healthcare system they still call underfunded.

On top of this, wait times to see a doctor at all are months long, and if you need surgery of any kind it will be years. My dad died waiting for a heart bypass.

Go fuck yourself you selfish cunt and stop pushing your laziness as a political or economic position. You're just lazy, get a fuckin job. If it weren't for communist faggots like you I'd still have a dad.

Nobody is proposing that

That's fine. The only problem with it is that he couldn't do it in just any country. The main reason for his success is that he was living in a country with the resources/human-resourses to achieve his dream. That's where the problem is. Republicans write laws that overwhelmingly benefit the ultra rich. The US middle class pays taxes that create the best workforce in the world, but then the ultra rich pay little in taxes and exploit the labor of the middle class. Bernie is going after the ultra rich to make them pay a fair share. This is an incredible task especially after trumps insane tax revamp.

And that country is...
Some faggot 3rd world country

>Nationalism is a form of socialism
This is the most retarded take I have ever seen on Sup Forums. And that's saying a lot. My god.

Trump is a socialist!!! You heard it here first!!!!! That makes him a communist, which means he's also like Stalin!

Bernie = Trump = Stalin = Hitler = Pol Pot = Saddam = Atilla the Hun... spread the word!

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trump is.

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What about my computer? Let's say I program on it for business purposes

You can be, but on different issues.

Socially liberal and economically conservative is top tier, socially conservative and economically liberal (communism) is shit/bottom tier.

For reference:
Socially liberal = you can smoke weed if you want bro
Socially conservative = supreme leader has not permitted weed, comrade/fellow patriot
Economically liberal = you are given food if the government has it, which it does not
Economically conservative = buy whatever food you like, it's your decision

>believe government is the answer to everything.
>Don't voluntarily give all income to government.

It's australia you gigantic red faggot

typical leftist, "oh you're a bad person, your argument is irrelevant because it's correct"

Obviously your dad being dead is a blessing in disguise. His son was clearly a gigantic retarded faggot with zero understanding about how the world or politics works. The shame of him still being alive with you as his son is too much to wish on anybody.

They're social Democrat, not Democratic socialist. The former is regulated capitalism with welfare

Economic liberalism refers to open markets. Read a dictionary and preferably not an American one.

communists are 100% of the time hypocrites who can't hold down a job due to no emotional control

I would normally agree, but the recent degeneracy of Western society has me questioning my views

This is 1984 tier language

what an argument, that was at least as good as your case for robbing the entire population of your country because you can't hold a job

Nigger, a guy in Bernie's campaign brought up gulags

ITT: Nobody knows what socialism means.

Hey dingbats, you're already spending twice as much on socialised healthcare than anyone else.

Oh yes Australia with a government that are fucking classical liberals. Of course they are going to fuck up by underfunding healthcare and cutting taxes for the rich and coal companies. You trust some retard who won't do shit about bushfires to give a shit about healthcare

Soviets were unprepared for Hitler because they were too busy murdering their own people.

Liar. I've talked with commies who do want that

If you own 10 computers that your employees use for business purposes, these are private property. If you buy something for yourself and use it yourself it is not.

This is a false statement. Economic liberalism refers to the political liberalism from which its policies stem. Do econ 101.

Lol and also takings people's land for the border wall

Communism is how Jews try to steal everything Satan gave to them in the Talmud

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"it wasn't real communism" - every communist ever

How are they any different? It's just different language, it's the same end.

The gov does this with every large public works project.

Don't forget robbing them

No, it's actually 18th century tier language. Go look up what liberalism actually means - the current American definition (pro welfare state, basically) is retarded.

Do you understand what is meant by the term "classical liberal"? Maybe that would help frame your understanding.

I am not interested in your limey terms.

>Hey dingbats, you're already spending twice as much on socialised healthcare than anyone else.
Because republicans keep sucking insurance company dick. That's why an IV drip costs $100+ in the USA and its less than $5 elsewhere in the world.

If you actually believe that then you are already too far gone.

It's retarded, but communists gave themselves this moniker. Commies love to lie, so that's hardly a surprise.

he isn't a communist.

learn to politics.

I thought this thread was about Bernie, but yeah those people are dumb, but none of them serve in a serious political position and I don't think they will anytime soon

Jesus Christ an ECONOMICS class taught you that liberalism means government spending? What the fuck are they teaching over there?

What do you suppose "neoliberalism" means, then?

YoU ArE Too fAr gone IF yOU nOTiCe iM An AUtIStIC COMmiE fAgGOt

still not one shred of argument lmao



Universal healthcare isn't communism, but don't be surprised when a party is in power that actively benifits from fucking up the healthcare

If you think there has been a single piece of legislation better for the insurance companies than the ACA, you don't know shit about the insurance industry

No communist on this earth would call themselves a liberal. Of that you can be assured.