Guess what i do for a living

guess what i do for a living

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Sell insurance?

Rape cats?

you're the local butcher

try to murder the batman?

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you're the son of a train line owner?

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Proffessional sex offender

Saw you on the cover of Time. Good job dood.

They pay you to look stupid?

eraser pen?

ja ooooooooo, dan ga ik mij ook misdragen! ik betaal die visboer ook niet meer

Owner of a weird leather suit factory?


semi professional

That suit looks like it was colored by a sharpie

Ordered a waterproof suit in a foreign language?

Ram Man


Stonk collector

>cat walking on keyboard

You'll never get a job in that get-up.

Smash gash and stack cash?

Professional liquorice