New Celeb

New Celeb

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/doescorlyeversleep/ edition

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i love so much fapping to this feminist you cannot imagine


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what's that jellybean looking thing near the "@"?

>TFW sleepy.
What do? Pls respond. :

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the bonerkiller is here!

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drink your own piss and put icyhot on your balls

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Word up!

Post the part where the titties pop out

NU! :<

My ID expired a long while back and I'm afraid to get carded, my new one should be here in a week. I shouldn't be drinking anyways tho. :\


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Eat it!
Mix with wine if u want

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That's Bailee Madison.

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Gordon, eat your own shit

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You should be drinking most definitely

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I thought it was Millie :(

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> sophia_diamond.webm

she always make me "happy", iykwim

Cock out for millie

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fuuuuck she's so good. Do you have any good pics of her ass?

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>unzip pants

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she is such a goddess

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goddamn millie is uggo

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Goodnight weirdos

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guten nougat

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Goodnight Vickyweirdo

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Still bummed about losing my Bluetooth headphones. :\

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elves are real

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thought you were going to bed nignog

I *could*, I *should* but will I? Probably not.

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my love for you's so overpowering, I'm afraid that I will disappear

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why not? why don't you like sleeping?

I might miss a good celeb thread if I sleep.

>*Looks around*.
< _ <
> _ >


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lmao that retard trump-fag in the last thread thinks being a billionaire makes one "smart" by default

i guess that means the kardishians are stable geniuses too

yah it's pretty ded, you won't be missing much if you get some comfy shut eye

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I think you're right, I don't think it could hurt. Take care for now user! n u n/

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sleep tight

oh soon your sailing will be over

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>lmao that retard trump-fag in the last thread thinks being a billionaire makes one "smart" by default
>i guess that means the kardishians are stable geniuses too

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You're the biggest contributor to this place being dead.

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