Serial Killer thread

Serial Killer thread
># of animals you've killed
># of women
># of children
>favorite method of murder
>why you started killing
And other general discussion of murder.

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Whoa, this thread is just #waytooedgy.

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I know you think you're being ironic but you actually are just a normalfag.

What about how many men I've killed? Where is that option?

ironic isn't the term you're looking for

I love the intimacy of strangulation so much. Watch the life leave something's eyes as they gasp for their last breath is such a euphoric feeling.

Long story short, ex cheated on me, I started stealthily killing off all of her dogs. Eventually she caught me and threatened to call the police so I had to do the deed.

What term am I looking for then Mr. Almighty Sup Forums Thesaurus?

It's an outline, you can include whatever you want but those are just some ideas to get the noggin joggin. None of you here are strong enough to kill a full grown man anyway.

Like destroying the dental/fingerprint records immediately, then opening the arteries in a bathtub while preforming CPR on the body all the while adding baking soda and lye to the bodily fluids as they can make a lingering smell of decay in your sewer?
Yeah, you've just watched a bit too much Dexter, you don't know shit.

What? I used Dexter because more people recognize him than actual IRL serial killers. I could've used like a mass shooter or something but I don't want it to get too political.

Mass shooter =/= Serial killer

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Yeah you're getting to deep into semantics or whatever. The point of the OP is to attract people and a lot of people. I just used terms that everyone knows and a picture someone would recognize at a glance and not get the wrong idea.

>over 1000
>over 100
>over 500
>chainsaw/kitchen knife
>I hate everyone so I hurt them if I can

So you killed a bunch of things in these nice rounded numbers?

Do you hate yourself? Do you hurt yourself?

Well the impression you've given us all is that you're 14 and angry at the world.
Besides, no real serial killer is going to incriminate themselves on a Mongolian basket weaving forum.

In my brain, pain is pain
In my brain, pain is pleasure

Yes, is that a problem? The animals is an approximation. I lost count of those long ago.


Aids means no children means they are pissed off about it means they want others to suffer

The only thing I kill is childhoods, OP.

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If you think I'm lying then why wouldn't the big bad scary cops think I'm lying? I've said worse things on here and haven't heard a peep from the police or anyone. Maybe you're the one that watches too much Dexter? Do you really think every murderer lives in constant fear and cares about having a normal life? No one is going to track me and I don't care if my "secret" gets out. Killing is a sport for me, it's fun. I have no time to looking over my shoulder 24/7.

nonironically just her lol

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why the rounded numbers?

Good job!

I love how they gave him a corkscrew penis like an actual duck

Age: 87
Animals: 0
Women: 0
Children: 0
My favorite method of killing is kindness
The reason why I choose this method is because I don't want another being on Earth hurt.

Pick yo contin

Are you autistic or something? Why does it matter?

Rolling for Based Grandma

who do you kill? What makes you decide on a victim?

Because I'm not a fucking retard like you, OP.

Maybe I'm autistic, who cares. This thread isn't about the autists. Odds are very very low that the numbers would just "happen" to be in those types of denominations. It stands out. It seems very deliberate.

I'm not the OP. You are a Redditor.

Saying edgy shit on the internet doesn't mean they'll instantly come to your house.
But you and I are definitely on a list pending further review.
Don't think for a second you're actually anonymous here.
So be grateful you're larping, otherwise you're a fucking retard.

Yeah you watch too much TV.

Most of my kills have been kids that wander off from their parents at parks and drunk bitches that try to walk home from the club. Just general retarded people that aren't going to make it in life.

You've seriously never seen the threads about pedos who have been busted on here?
Ever since moot went to court forever ago the FBI has free access to Sup Forums's servers and information.

If he's what he claims to be and doesn't give a shit, it won't change whether he's on lists or not.

Why would a psychopath care about that?

Or a good LARPer for that matter?

Because getting caught is pretty detrimental to continuing to murder.
And being called a faggot on the internet enough discourages faggoty posting.

Just trying to help either way.

Nice try FBI.

Yeah but you're trying to rationalize in regards to a behavior that, as far as the general public is concerned, is not rational.

He probably doesn't want to get caught. That's a safe assumption to make. I think you're misinterpreting him "not giving a shit". So why would he not give a shit? Because he either is truly remorseless about what he did and doesn't really find any true value to life or its experiences, or he's cocky for some reason. Cocky people tend to be stupid. Stupid people don't get away with dozens of murders.

I think you're right about the point you're trying to make.