Big Areolas

Big Areolas

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are nasty

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Ok, little guy. Go away. Nobody forced you to click or comment.

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shut up granny titty lovin nigger

Ok, little guy. Big Areolas have nothing to do with age.

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suck my dick


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it's auroras wtf is an "areolas"

Use a vacuum. It’s as close to a woman as you will most likely get.

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It’s not auroras. The actual term is areolae.

Wife's udders

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Show them

eat my ass


I’m sure it’s nice and loose

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go fuck urself

I like


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I’m sure you could give me some pointers on doing it correctly.

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Thanks brother

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No, you are wrong. Look it up. It’s the darkened area of skin around the nipple.

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More and yes

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Too saggy?

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Nope. Love it

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Come here for more to imig th4KHZs

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I've trained for this.

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Let’s see your moves.

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You actually did it. Nice!!!

Of course

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There is no "more", that's all there is of her

Hot bitch

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Doesn't she sell Duplo?

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Nice full saggies

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its been what? 24hours and already sharing this? :D

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those damn veins make me diamonds

Told you I had been asking for her face for almost two years.

u left before I could compensate you, I offered you to post a picture of her that you wanted uncropped.

I’d love to see more of her.

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post a picture you want uncropped and I will get the original one.

Where else did u post the image?



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That’s the only one I still have. It’s been a while. Here and Chatpic.

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Queen of nipples. I accidentally deleted most of what I had if her. Mobile sucks sometimes.

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