How do you feel about the growing trend in girls using animal dildos?

How do you feel about the growing trend in girls using animal dildos?

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Honestly kinda hot

this, i wanna see her take that knot.

your mum gay!

Girls just do whatever gets them attention. As soon as its boring for us they'll move onto something else attention-whorey

I wish they'd start using real animals more!

any more pictures, OP?

"growing trend"

You mean a couple nasty ass herpes ridden whores? Don't act like one woman who has posted that shit isn't a nasty degenerate whore.

This is the best answer

Right?! There's like a zillion dogs out there. She could totally just throw a dog a bone instead of using some plastic knock off.

Is that Carly rae Jepsen, very young?

I'm at the point where I can't find any more good free shit

Fuck you and fuck the growing trend in girls using animal dildos

Anything that degrades cunts is hot and always will be. And I say that as an IRL intersectional feminist who fights for equally at work and then takes my protoges out for drinks to celebrate our victory over the patriarchy, and then rapes their throats and makes them choke themselves while I fuck then in the ass.

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Trend....what trend? Where is this trend?

Be the trend you want to see in the world.

i like it. be a degenerate for me stacy

i'm more into the size of the toy than the shape/style, but it's still hot.

I am a huge fan of horse dildos, and every girl I've ever introduced them to wants them all the way up their ass way past the colon, up the large intestine to the surface of the diaphragm so they can feel them at the top of their chest while getting fucked by my cock in their pussy. I would be lying if I said I haven't tried them that far too.

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Bit cringe, would prefer the real thing

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>I would be lying

You are lying. Get off Sup Forums you massive larping faggot

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I have to say I have mixed feelings about this. I showed it to my friend just now and she is demanding a horsecock dildo. I am happy to pay the outlay, but I'm not shoving that thing up my ass.

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well she was a hot 13 y/old

I know right, like Ivanka wouldn't be the pornhub top hit for stepdad scenes if she wasn't otherwise famous.

Don't knock it until you try it.

just the tip user

It's a forever story in sexually suppressed countries like America. You wouldn't believe the number of girls that lost oral and pussy virginity to a dog. I know a horse blower personally.

You haven't been with women that are fully honest with you. It's a staggering percentage that have tried dogs.

How does that work, logistically? What position do you use to get such a long dildo in her while screwing?

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This is the thread I read Sup Forums for.

I love it cause horse dick is hot

Never used animal dildos, but if she likes DP, reverse cowgirl leaning forward is the way to get up the chick's butt.

Pics or it didn't happen user

that file name

Guys, what is wrong with just a thumb? Are your chick's really demanding giant dildos? If you are in the 415/SF Bay do you want to party so I can understand this trend a little better please?

umm push it deeper now?

i demand bigger dildos

It doesn't go any further than this. Firstly, I'm not going to try to explain a Mr. Hands situation to the ER, and secondly I like her and want to keep her.

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Ex GF from columbia, at 11 used cream to have her dog lick her. Then at 12 went to cousins house with a male dog and had penetration. I think its common where boys are off limits or judged religiously.

But nobody says "dont fuck a dog" so it seems safe, secure and the dog wont talk.

she got into the bad dragon dildos w dog nuts on them. Great sex. shy girl but just goes to show you never know.

get em on Ambien and it all spills out.

I caught my sister getting kicked by the dog but I'm sure she never actually got mounted by her. I sent her bestiality porn on her birthday every year until she hooked me up with her sorority sister who I married six years ago.

Licked* by the dog

>It doesn't go any further than this.
Sure it does, just take it slowly.

Degenerate faggots all of you

Bump up against my diaphragm :D

Always wanted to fuck a girl who gets her holes stretched and fucked by horses

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