What OS is Sup Forums running? Also desktop or Battlestation posts if you want... i don't give a fuck really

What OS is Sup Forums running? Also desktop or Battlestation posts if you want... i don't give a fuck really

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High Sierra I think. Idk what the hell is going on anymore. My mac isn't even supported anymore. I don't even have usb 3

Op here. Full blown arch fag but occasionally switch to manjaro when i get pissed that i broke arch

win 7 on a shitty w520. If I had the money I'd love to build myself a sleeper pc

Xubuntu 18.04 + dualboot with crapdows 10 for games only.

TempleOS, all the way, baybee!

I had a separate drive for windows 7 but white partitioning a storage drive i accidentally wiped my windows drive. Haven't bothered to reinstall. Now i have 2 storage drives for my linux box

Heard it mentioned a time or two but never bothered to look into it. Qrd on it please??

OpenSuSE Leap 15.1 on MacBook Pro


There are still games I don't feel like playing with Wine. And most GOG linux installs tend to not work at all, because why to publish a .deb instead of a shitty install script for windows fags that has no dependency management whatsoever.
>inb4 proton
Fuck gayben. Also it is as much junk as wine.

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I don't really game much but i dont have anything against the windows operating system itself. If they would give you more control over the updates and remove the telemetry components I'd still be on it. I just like the simplicity and control of the system with linux. But i am honest enough to say that's the only thing it has over windows

I have a lot against windows. There's a reason I don't use it as a main OS for last 10 years. I like to not wait a decade between turning on the hardware and finally getting things running. Windows is sluggish and being used to comfort of linux's instant responses I can't bear how slow it is.

That's impressive considering that it has no networking ;)

Well i was being nice because theres alot of winfags on here lol. I've been on linux for a year and have no intention of going back. ++ on the boot up. On my last arch install i went from hitting the power button to being on the DE in 20ish seconds.

I'm too lazy to learn arch but still, what windows users need to pay whatever SSD costs, we can have for free. Really makes you think.

Yup. If you want to learn the arch system and be able to use the AUR but dont feel comfortable with the arch install, check out Manjaro. Its built on arch with everything preinstalled and configured and installs with a simple GUI installer linke ubuntu or linux mint

openbsd actually, does everything I need and it's a nice os

Android 9

Haven't checked out any bsd distros yet. Do they have decent sized repos? Or do you compile your own packages from source?

yeah, pkg_add is kind of an equivalent to apt on there

It's not about install really, I just feel comfortable enough with xubuntu and it's enough for all my needs. So the main point is, why would I even try to go for more "advanced" distro if I don't have a need for it? 10 years ago when I started using xubuntu I was into enlarging my e-pingas by using more elitist distro and tried tinkering with Debian, but now I'm too old to think like this even if there may be some benefits from using other distro.

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Not trying to shill or anything but just gonna put this out there for you. Xubuntu is ubuntu with the xfce desktop environment. The feel you are used to is xfce. You can get Manjaro with xfce and it will feel the same. It just uses a different package manager. But the perk of arch is using the AUR. Its a commumity repo of software, drivers etc.. built by arch users that you cant find in standard repos.

Xfce is one thing. Other thing I'm used to is .deb. I tried RPM based distros and couldn't deal with this. But perhaps it was a power of habit and judgemental attitude rather than actual problem. As I mentioned, I'm probably just too lazy at the point. Not much of a computer guy I am. Right now I'm unemployed and I have a good amount of savings so with the amount of free time I could possibly try something new, even on a VM, but I just can't be asked. Perhaps after I'll finish all the neglected housework and started books and games I could give it a try.

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