Thoughts on my sister?

Thoughts on my sister?

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Haha nice. Lucky brother.


For fucks sake go outside and meet a girl, faggot.

Have you phucked her?

Very nice, would bake brownies with her and watch The Lion King afterwards.

6/10 would smash

Hairy arms, but it wouldn't stop me from fucking her. She's cute.

I'd shit in a latex glove and slap her across the face with it.

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Cool. I’d teach her chess and tell her her hair looks nice.

Are you both animals or is she the only one with hairy arms?

No I havent :(we both do

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Found a bunch of my sister, does anyone want?

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Any nudes?


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Would you sniff her farts for a can of Pepsi?

Found a fuckload on her laptop this Christmas from her and her husband doing kinky shit

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Post away

Definitely. Her ass is actually fat as fuck. Would stick my whole face in

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Post her big butt.


Do you use vola?

No idea? Why

She's got amazing legs, keep going!

She really does. I wanna suck her toes
No butt pic :(

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