Who is the best president and why is it Andy Yang?

Who is the best president and why is it Andy Yang?

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Because he is good at math.

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wow indians are above mexicans, I didn't expect that.

Pretty sure he's not the president dumbass

while it's true asians have higher IQ's and basically make white people look like black people comparatively, just any asian won't do. Make sure to use pure 100% certified Yang.

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Same here. But they are kinda just relocated Asians.

White still best because white listed first in graph key. the asian that made this chart has internalized oppression

Tesla supprts Yang = Yang president

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Maybe it just displays in the order that the data is loaded.

Eddie Muphy supports Yang so yang = president now

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white data load faster what more proof u need?

Jackson, surely

Tesla and bit coin both support Yang

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hippie grandpas support yang 100%

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Idk, maybe the data is downsampled because the file is too large due to them being a larger population. Plus, it's not the rate at which the data is loaded, assuming they haven't wrote their code to be parallel processed, it's the order in which shit is scripted.

Doctor Drew supports Yang

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so in other words white is best?

More like a white person designed this graphic

Yang gets the babes

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Not exactly, white could have been last scripted and that's how it ordered it. You would need to know what program they used.

That's possible, too.



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strong memes

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I thought the Yang meme was dead.

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