Place your bets!

Place your bets!

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alexa grasso by armbar

I just want to see cowboy knock the teeth out of Mcgregor.

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Maycee Barber 9-0-0 hopefully

lol that 56 percenter is about a 10 to 1 favourite.
you hear about the sexual assault that happened at her dad's gym?

Did anyone notice that cerrone is limping?

It's that big dick or he got dicked...

I'll pass. I'm sick of that spud-fucker McGregor

No I didn't.

I hate mcgregor with a passion and normally don't watch much mma, but I'm down to see Cowboy whoop his ass.

I like Connor but he’s gonna lose by TKO in the second. He’ll land often in the first, but he’s not knocking out cowboy


cowboy has been taking some beatings lately and I dont see him landing a head guy on mcgregor. I want cowboy to win but I dont see it happening. He's in it for what will likely be his biggest payday. he will retire after the fight

head kick not head guy. im not sure how that happened

Literally who?

It's a toss up. Cowboy by submission and skill set, McGregor by strikes or decision. I think cowboy is gonna be defensive, then want this on the ground where he has great jiu-jitsu game.

Depends if it's the old Connor or not. If it's the Connor we saw against Kabib it will be cowboy.

why is gregor fighting tom hardy?

the rapist will knock out cowboy. cowboy plays into all of rapist's strengths

Ok rogan

McGregor via TKO 2 mins into the Rd3. McGregor and Cerrone are gonna be 1-1 on the judges scorecards

Cowboy wins by choke 100%

Latino Heat will do a run in resulting in a double DQ, Cena keeps the title.

the absolute state of /r/mma

my bad I forgot I was on Sup Forums

I bet the audience for this is about 90% girlfriend/wife free.

and you care about that because?

i put $5k on the nigger

OP asked for bets. That was mine. Strange reaction, tho.

You and the audience have something in common

mike gregor

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