H-hi Sup Forums it's Anna from Frozen

>h-hi Sup Forums it's Anna from Frozen
>how have you been?
>I hope you found your true love's kiss

>ask me anything and make requests
>dubs gets lewd win

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sharpie in pooper

>>ask me anything and make requests
set yourself on fire

Fucking checkem. You better cut a damn hole in that doll and stick a sharpie in it

>that was quick user
>but I d-don't have a pooper
>I'm p-plastic

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you better fucking get one

>I've spoken to my sister, who consulted with the four spirits
>she says we can pray for poopers but it will take time
>w-what else can we do for you instead?

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get drenched in cum you filthy sluts

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>I think we c-can do that for you

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>Elsa might be the fifth spirit
>but she's still my bitch

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Hi Sup Forums Walt Disney here.

Are you sure you want these Frozen aberrations drenched in come. It will make me turn in my grave.

Based Cinderlla and Aurora are the thinking man's waifus.

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where can i buy these? im a collector..

You're being pretty weird, Sup Forums...

The Disney store.

Try not to get a hard-on in there, as you will get v&.

I've been trying to decide whether to buy the new Moana one

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Hi Sup Forums Twitter here.

Are you sure you want these white Disney "princesses" drenched in coom? It will make libtards turn in their grave.

African-American queens are the thinking man's waifu.

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Sup Forums was weird before the normies showed up

these threads used to blow up regularly in 2017

>pic related

Now all the normies want their 3DPD flesh-skank threads, instead of pure plastic masturbatory aids.

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Since the thread will probably 404, here's semen for the lurkers.

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ur weird

>this thread

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It's worse than you think user.
I do Funko Pops as well. Here is Hermione.
Tell God to send Jesus and the Santa to help me too.

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Here's Agnes.
There's one that I'm even less proud of, and will not post.
Did I mention I have webms as well?

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am I going to azkaban Sup Forums?

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i cant stop laughing at these for some reason

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if you want a real laugh, check out mini funko anna

my cum actually almost topples her over

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Plz smooch me, Anna.

you need some help

>user you s-such a gentleman
>you want to sniff my socks?

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yes user, it is hard to bump a thread alone
thanks for your help

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Moaaar. Fuckin hot dude

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cinderella so qt
Sup Forums anons always like Anna best

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Who is the boss and who is the bitch.

Do you have to suck down elsa's hot shits? or does the queen bow only toyou and your steamy presents

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Alright fuck it, here's the one I'm most ashamed of.
Baby Moana. I get a boner in the early part of that film because she's so cute.
Didn't get a WEBM of this one yet.

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Not enough Elsa

>thanks for asking user
>I might be sh-shy, but when it comes to my sister...
>I'm the fucking boss
>that little bitch sucks my toes
>if I possessed a p-pooper, I would present her chest with a l-log

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Elsa's kinda gay user.

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Do you post this stuff somewhere where i can follow

Elsa only gets a mediocre cumshot

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No, I don't know what to do with it all.
I have a load of videos I need to edit and make WEBMs from.
I have a load of untagged images.
I have a fucking shit ton of dolls, and doll outfits, which I've never gotten around to photographing and molesting.

I end up just spamming Sup Forums once in a while.

Any suggestions for somewhere I can share? There's always a few anons who get off on this shit.

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This guy fucking gets it

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>Ariel cunnilinging Anna

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I'm so glad I made them hold hands in that photo. It really makes me all warm inside just to see it.

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Make an account on something like xvideos. There’s a bit of content like this there.

I’m lurking this thread hard, so please continue as much as you like

Also lurking. More webms

Yes, I could do that. I have a lot of photo content as well though. I could just save that for Sup Forums, but let me know if you have any ideas.

I need to do something with it all, as it would encourage me to get out all the outfits and stuff. I particularly have a metric ton of outfits for Emily (pic related), who is my most expensive and favourite doll.

Believe it or not, my wife is quite supportive of this garbage fetish, and will help me dress the dolls and do their hair and shit.

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There is a doll discord on /trash/

Does she ever watch you cum on them?

I only have a few more webms of the dolls. After that, I can post funko pop webms.

As mentioned above, I welcome suggestions of where else to post this shit once I get my content organised.

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No, not when I've filmed it, but sometimes I show her the WEBMs the next day, and she goes "ewwww", but obviously doesn't really mind.

Here's what we have done involving the dolls:
>A couple of times I jerked off whilst watching her play with a doll and dress it up in outfits.
>Sometimes I get her to cuddle a doll whilst we're fucking, as a kind of age-play thing.
>Sometimes I get her to control the doll, and touch my nipples, balls, etc, whilst I jerk off.
>Finally and most gloriously, on at least three occasions, she's let me put the doll (either Anna or Emily or Rapunzel) on the pillow whilst we're fucking, so I'm looking the doll in the eyes whilst I cum with the force of a neutron collider. Sounds dumb, but it creates the illusion of fucking the little doll.

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Can't find it. I tried searching for "doll" and "discord"...

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OK, I'm going to post the rest of the Disney webms which I already have made.

They are mostly the mediocre ones left now (i.e. semi-failed cumshots...)

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>not as good as a facial...

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this one's probably creepy if you don't have a foreskin of your own

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I made this for a foot fetish user at the time

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I love Pocahontas's sulky expression.

She's the only one that me and my wife actually went into a physical Disney store to buy (rather than online). She was winding me up in the store, to try and make me aroused or uncomfortable about buying it, but fucks were not given.

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Ah sorry about that, the doll threads are a saturday only thing let me look up for an invite

Give one of em a creampie

this is as close as you're gonna get for now:

They have a channel for real dolls

This is the last doll webm.

Lurkers, please choose:
a) post more images
b) post Funko Pop cumshot webms
c) you guys bump the threads, and I can edit two more Disney webms from the raw vids

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i enjoy this
more on their cute bellies

thanks user

shit, I meant this one is the last Disney webm

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I like that they've got little round bellies

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actually user, here is Ariel creampie

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>a) post more images
>b) post Funko Pop cumshot webms
>c) you guys bump the threads, and I can edit two more Disney webms from the raw vids

I'll post some images until I hear otherwise. But if people are lurking, let me know what you prefer

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Thanks for posting

Had to leave the thread while my wife was in the room. She wouldn’t be into it


anything but funkos haha


B all the way

funko divides the crowd

I'll dump a few I guess

>louise from bob's burgers

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>cleaning louise

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I like girls with bunny ears

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>dat rope

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Dude what do you do to get cum that thick and white

Take good care of that woman, seems like you got the jackpot with her.

>this fucking thread
my hopes on Sup Forums, restored once again
have a bump OP
loved this one especially
this one needed a cumshot
someone please answer this

there is no way you'd do this to an animator doll

>counsellor Troy

I think part of it is being reasonably healthy, eating your veges and drinking lots of fluid. (I'm lazy and not in shape, but I do get lots of vitamins and water...)

When I was filming some of these WEBMs, I was taking a supplement of zinc and macca powder everyday to enhance my ejaculate. It didn't make a huge difference but it helped a little.

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wonder if you could post a pic of your whole stash, OP?

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>cum in Rapunzel's hair
I actually sold this Funko on ebay because I didn't like it

I have a duplicate of both Anna and Elsa, so I would piss on them. That will be a future video...

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I see i heard celery helps aswell but damn man, most of this stuff is like proffesional porn level cum

Sorry user, I'd love to but it's all boxed away atm. I'm going to get it all sorted, and my video backlog sorted, sometime soon.

yeah, she's a keeper! After ten years together, she's not as horny/kinky as I would hope, but she puts up with my total perversion pretty well.

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can you piss on the frozen sisters now please? otherwise link a place we can find you for when you do post it :)

Lord Voldermort is coming for you little bitch... Disney is a whole series with multiple supervillains so you best quit fucking around with Disney and get on that Brave/Ingrid from GoT vibe...also; Elsa is a monarchical, tyranical, self-centered, cunty bitch.

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