Do most Mexican-American girls act black?

Do most Mexican-American girls act black?

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Nope. Most try to act white actually.

Where do you live?

Mexicanas are their own breed.
You can put them on a black to white Spectrum if you wish, but that misses the point.

They come from catholic and indigenous culture and people. the educated ones are loving and schemers, and are race and sex-pilled.

the uneducated are descended from indios and act like it.

Nope where I'm from they hate niggers kek

The US born ones either act white or black
As far as American culture exists, there's only white or black

Where are you from?

I've dated 2 Mexican chicks and both have been whitewashed as fuck.
To the point of avoiding having an accent when speaking Spanish.

In Dallas they are mostly second generation whose parents are surprisingly conservative. So they kinda go middle of the road. My only experience is with professional type people. Couldn’t say about hood rats. Probably just taco niggers though.

ur mom gay...

San Diego, southern California.

>>American culture
ok boomer

Most of them in San Diego and LA don't act black?

T. Globalist Gen X faggot

It all depends on who they’re friends with and where they grew up

The ones that don’t sound black are like super nice and a blessing but they end up getting knocked up by some black dude that beats their ass all the time

Nope, to be fair im 29.Things could have changed. Also where I grew up there was no black people at all probably only like 6-7 total in my high school and mexicans are very racist, they only like other mexicans and white people.

Even white girls act black, black girls act white. Just depends on where they grew up and how their parents raised them.

Hmm I consider 29 to be young, but I would be curious to know about say, 19 year olds or younger

lol at you... the damage control...hihihih

You are all descended from Spanish Conqistadores, there isn't an indigenous bone in ANY of you fuckers because you wiped them out through war and sickness. You assholes were worse than the Americans that took over and made the United states.

I see it alot more in younger girls 18-19, I work security at a strip club tho so that could have something to do with it.

It doesn't matter if there are no black people, tons of Mexicans in El Paso act black and there are few black people there.

That's unfortunate. Damn Jamal corrupting the youth!
Are you talking about the strippers themselves?

Oh and I live in New York (NYC suburb) and I don't see much of a difference between 18 and 30 in regards to that
I'm in my mid 20s


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I grew up in SD,cali and black people are definetly the minority basically everyone is hispanic and the most speak english they have a really protective society they like to protect their own and are for the most part hard working people with their own opinions and most hispanic parents are republican but the youths are mostly democratic but to say the act black is wrong they act ratchet but the females dont like to be violent they perfer romantic guys and funny the females are really loyal and soft if you get to know them really understanding and relateable but the hispanics in virginia sucks dick they act black and just as ratchet nothing good about them in my opinion oh and most hispanics in cali see blacks as ghetto and unlikeable


How can they act ratchet but not black? Modern ratchet culture is 100% dictated by black people, the Cholo shit is dead
But Hispanics in Virginia are a mix. There are good Hispanics in Fairfax county, but there are also ghetto/wannabe black Hispanic elsewhere

So do you think the 8-9 year olds will act 100% black?