Billboard is doing a poll for who Billie Eilish should collab with next. Boys, who should we write in?

Billboard is doing a poll for who Billie Eilish should collab with next. Boys, who should we write in?

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R. Kelly

GG Allin


NYPA nigger

eceleb advertisment

Adolf Hitler, clearly

She should collab with her brother

Willie Eyelash?

Soulja boy

Kim Jong Un

Donald Trump

Jeffery Epstein final answer

Billie eilish and Epstein’s hologram

You know.

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Randy Travis

I submitted that

Chris ardoin

I voted, love how the “other” selection is leading

Gretal Mongburg

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She is NOT attractive even a little bit. Plus, she doesn't even know how to spell Irish.

not gonna top that


Her brother ofc

Can you vote multiple time

Hi fren

Welcome to Sup Forums

This isn’t a proper use of that as this is a raid of sorts not something op will benefit from in his personal life

Try lurking more and you too can be less of a faggot

I went with Fred Durst, kek.

That tekashi sixty nine guy

Don't forget to vote to use multiple devices to vote more then one time


Chris Brown

Grant McDonald

Jeffery Epstein

Donald J Trump

Let's find out

Michael jackson's hologram

38% for other, we need to unite

bumping for hitler

R. Kelly forsure

can't go wrong with hitler

I cant find the poll has it gone

Remind me again how the lonely boys of Sup Forums aren't obsessed with scary young girls like Billie and Greta (who, strangely enough, is also mentioned ITT).

i feel good about this one. going for it.

R. Kelly boys let's spam that

Phil Anselmo cuz I like his music

or Hitler because obviously

they're irredeemably fucking ugly

R. Kelly for the win

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Don't forget the yandere trope from the depths of their degenerate middle-aged weeb fantasies.

Absolutely this!

Got my vote

How DARE you!

Says Adonis the basement warrior. Yell up at mom and see if the tendies are ready.

>Says Adonis the basement warrior.
Accurate, although it's not my parents' basement.


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Muh dick

Well done, user. Good to know there are still some oldfags around.

R. Kelly you dumb niggers.

R. Kelly Sup Forumsois. LETS GOOO!

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Baby Metal!

William Shatner

Some random guy in sweden

Josh Redgrove

>being a pleb and not using a curl script
You guys suck at this shit. How embarrassing.


Why not Miku?

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When does the poll end

Kys kike

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Kurt Cobain.


Lol! R. Kelly boys! Keep it up!

R. Kelly! Let's go!

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Why not Hassan Rouhani?

how da fuk do i vote?



Come on boys let’s vote for R. Kelly

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its been along time since a proper raid. can Sup Forums even do that anymore?

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ugly ass no talent cunt should kys to do a collab with tupac

Is that MC Chris?


got my vote. it may be a waste of time. other is winning but they will never acknowledge that r.kelly won even if its a landslide.

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I just placed my vote also seems like it’s going to be other. i’m afraid this is just a waste of time

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Mr. Bond.

mc chris is dead

Fuck off with your NYPA shit. I miss the old Sup Forumsoard raids all the time

I think we are both correct

Seriously WTF. Why isn’t there any more raids is it possible the Internet got wise and Completely shut down Sup Forums

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Finneas O'Connell

I'm agree with R Kelly. Needs to happen.