What are your thoughts on the current state of Sup Forums?

What are your thoughts on the current state of Sup Forums?

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kind of boring

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It's the opposite lmao

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I think the anti-SJW's have finally reached the point that they are actually more annoying then the SJW's

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I feel fucking retarded for laughing at this

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There are now too many unironic homos and sissies here, this new zoomer generation just may be the most boring unfunny group of people I've ever seen, no one says anything that makes me laugh anymore, there's no wit, and people take themselves way too seriously. No one knows how to have fun.

too many stupid ass dick threads shitting up the board

They're on the same level. Depends on which side of the internet you're in really

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I liked it a lot better before the stormfags got here. This place used to be an escape from the oppressive conservative views of your boomer grandparents but now that's all you get.

I'll go down with the ship and into the piss ocean if i have to!

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I mean people say Sup Forums is just newfag cancer rn, but since like 2007 its been newfag cancer since thats when Sup Forums became "cool"

It used to be gore and ppl trolling retards, but now its just porn
Why is there so much porn stop

Oldfags still lurk and post don't worry my friend.
>you've also been duckrolled

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What are you? Twelve? There always used to be a lot of stormniggers. There also used to be a bunch of cucks too. People just used to not be such overt faggots and actually carry a dialogue, instead of being spastic retards that can't even manage to articulate a single thought outside of memes.

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the first 30 threads I see is literally just porn
I would say we have boards for that shit, which we do, but Sup Forums is random so there aren't any real rules on what you can and can't post besides cp, loli etc

Better than it was in 2015-2017. Now, I can actually see a decent thread without constant LARPing from wehrboos.

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Op here, and i can agree, i barely see any non-nsfw threads in here, only porn and gore, a special little place for cumbrains

At the sime time I would like to propose to you that, fb insta fap, cuck, shouldn't share etc aren't random anymore because they're posted everyday and thus should have their own board called /bdaily/

murder all 4channel mods genetically


targetted banned

Too much shitty porn.

nice cringe thread

Oi fuck off fucktard, noone asked

Its threads like these that make be not as cancerous as it normally is
Also, agreed

Not enough Millie threads.

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It seems like the opposite of random. In fact it's as droll and predictable as any brand, which makes sense as zoomers are the generation who never saw an Internet not ruined by corporatization.

Tons of losers spamming nonsensical bullcrap. I'm surprised they don't have much else to do. But hey... if they did, then the US really could be great, because that many more people would be contributing to society.

The Internet in general has gone from fucking with strangers to safe corporate spaces where you connect with your friends. And other corporations (terms and conditions apply). I don't see the appeal. I still prefer the antisocial network, even if it has turned into porno 24/7.

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I think you saying that Sup Forums the random board is now the exact opposite of random is nailing it. 50% of the catalogue at any given time is the same fucking threads I saw the day before, and then the day before that. Same exact shit. Who the fuck are these sad little weirdos posting the same shit everyday.

Top kek

In 2006 Sup Forums was so fucking fun. We'd raid losers, share some pr0n, make fun of people, make Chuck Norris jokes, make fun of M00t, share jailbait, make kids an hero, make motivational posters; it was the best. I used to skip school to hang out on Sup Forums.

Now the only thing I come here for are FB/VSCO threads, and even those have disgusting older chicks in them.

We all know when the downturn was, but what keeps it down is all this nigger and tranny shit. All THAT started with Netorare, which is all this weird sort of despair porn that appeals to losers.

We need to start making fun of faggots so much that they kill themselves and cleanse this board of their filth. Good porn, good jokes, are what b was all about.

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This shit right here man

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Can we add furries, bronies and people with dolls to that?

This x100
I miss the old Sup Forums

oldfag here. it was a lot better in like 2014-2015.

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full of newfag coomers
no actual threads just /s/hitty porn

it was a lot better when moot was around

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I bailed to other boards after the fappening 6 fucking years ago. I check back every few months. It's a porn board now. F.

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Theres nothing random about it. Its the exact same fuckin shit every single day

The internet first started out for military applications. Extrapolate its uses from there and you will understand what you are seeing.

Everyone complaining about porn threads and yet no one sees the big [Start a New Thread] link at the top of the page. Somehow no one understands that YOU control the content here.

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Electionfags and coomers have destroyed Sup Forums.

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Incredibly bland and a shadow of its former self.

Sup Forums basically offers nothing new anymore. If I wanted porn in Sup Forums, there are almost half a dozen boards to go to. Though it's now clear that both the banning of raids and the 2016 election took the fangs out of Sup Forums since:

a) it no longer could project its creative and funny faggotry across the internet thanks to m00t
b) Sup Forums was flooded by tourists and newfags, thus most of the boards lost their culture

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/b is good place

I'll stay with the ship too Yotsufren!

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ca,e here today after 4 years, the porn was bad back then but now it has taken over
i see no fun threads
i haven't heard of any new memes coming from Sup Forums in ages
from what I see Sup Forums now is ytmnd tier dead

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This. Raids were so much fun. It’s the internet. People need to chill out.

srsbsns is no longer a meme for most people

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First habbo raid was 2006, close the pool wa at least a year or so later, so what inbred hillbilly family do you come from where 2 generations of people grow up and use Sup Forums in 13 years. Tell me about that really epic funny thing you did on Sup Forums that people still remember today. Tell me a funny story.

Tbh i was away from this shithole for 3 days...tried shittyboards and puked...just took a peek and nothing is different.
Trying to find a better place than this.

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have you tried IRL traveling
it saved me

>sad little weirdos
Youtubers, Reddit user's, Tumblr user's, Facebook user's, Instagram user's and people who like to "dare" to be in a forbidden place.
That's what happened.

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Funny you mentioned that, im going to travel in sunday. Perhaps i need a feeling of "fed up of this place" to permanent departure.


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Pretty much sums it up.

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everyone will always be a newfag

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