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>dried cum in such quantities it was a snortable powder
did this retard rob some neckbeard's room in mom's basement

Could have been intentional.
I knew a girl who cut a line of meth with Ajax and left if for another girl she hated. Junkies don't think when it comes to drugs.

He snorted 50 FUCKING GRAMS of dried cummies. How the fuck did he not notice.

She was poisoned with web design?

Have you ever cleaned a toilet?

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Have you ever into javascript?

Also no, my Mom cleans my toilet.

What happened to the other girl?

Buddy just reread that to yourself a couple times allowed and realize how sad it and you actually are. Literally grow up. Get the fuck off of here and go learn to clean a toilet. Ask your mom to show u how so u know for when u live on your own someday. It will probably be the best thing she ever receives from you her worthless cant even clean a toilet son.


Nah. I work with my hands.
Kinda figured people would be more likely to know Ajax as a cleaning product.
The story I was told was her nasal cavity partially dissolved and she had to be hospitalized.

The pigeons died because of the glue used.

Ya i really shit the bed on that one. I just woke up cut me a break. My post still holds weight bitch.

Who and why has that much dried cummies????


Lol who leaves dried sperm around, and enough of it to be mistaken as coke?

These are copy cat cases. These ones are still very much alive.
Also, the Vegas ones were with staples, weren't they?

wtf I though std could of only be alive in host body

The article says it was a tinder whore who was collecting cum in a jar of every dude who fucked her over like 2 years. She claims it was over 250 dudes collective cum that was stolen

It’s not real, are you guys retarded

I posted the source you doe-eyed mongoloid retard.

Yeah, but reality... viruses can't survive outside a host.

Hepatitis can, but the fake news doesn't even say he caught hepatitis

In specific circumstances.... none of which include being turned into fake cocaine by someone with no medical training.