Thoughts on Muslim QT's

thoughts on Muslim QT's

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Idk about their IQ but they are smarter than westerners cause they actually control their women. Might suck to be a gay though.

One of the ugliest races on Earth both inside and out. Every one of them deserves death

except islam isnt a race lmao

That's an atheist western white woman who's only wearing that to virtue signal hatred for Christ.

Oh excuse, just so happens that 90+% percent of the people in the ME are Muslims, and 90+% of Muslims come from the ME. I guess it's ridiculous to lump them all into one basket though

actually the majority live in SW asia

>SW Asia
Oh, so right fucking near the Middle East? Debatably part of the fucking Middle East?

Keep digging that hole, stupid

She's fucking beautiful. I would do literally every forbidden thing to her.

bro youre fucking retarded lmao

That's not even a muslim.

What the fuck? Try like a whole couple thousand miles away. Fucking untermench.

why cause shes white?

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My fiance is hotter and the better lay. Fuck off terrorists is what I think.

Wtf do you have like +3 retarded boots on or something? It's a few thousand miles between the middle East and Indonesia.

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i think not

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She's Lebonese look at the cedar pendent she is wearing... Crist people are fucking retarded.

They're really pretty in a small age window and then they hit the wall and look like shit
They hit the wall HARD

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Ok you lost me with the unibrow I'm not gonna lie. Unless that's a Muslim trap then I might be back in.

Honestly muslims are the only women that hit the wall harder than Latinas.
I've literally seen latina women go from slim beautiful girls with big booties and beautiful features to Consuelo from Family Guy in a couple of years

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Southwest Asia refers to mostly India, and as we can see on this Goddamn map, it is right near Middle East. It might be a few hundred miles off, but it is on the edge of the continent, basically right next to the ME

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My old lady looks sexier, bigger tits and better shaped jawline.

God you're fucking stupid. Not to mention the large muslim population in africa and asia

Depends on what kind of muslim. North africans don't have that problem

>Africa and middle east are next to each other therefore they are the same continent

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a qt is a qt.

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A QT is a QT no matter where they come from. Unless they're black, then they're just worthless niggers.

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Garbage people.

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Aaand im bored with it. Im out

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Not the guy you were replying to but the Middle East is an intercontinental area centered on Egypt, Turkey, and Western Asia.

Yeah but if it's next to another continent then they are the same continent right?


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The middle east is in africa, asia and europe. The largest portion of the middle east is in southwest asia. So actually Your entire argument is retarded.

we out lemon pledge buy

that is a convert. doesn't count.

Muslim isn't a race.

jew is

Still leaves out india, indonesia, malaysia etc where there are a lot of muslims

Yes kike is a race but muslim isn't

I really don't care, I just thought it was funny that you were the one calling him stupid.
Also the middle east isn't a continent.

>90+% of Muslims come from the ME

Lmao nope not even close nigga

Nah. All the inbreeding and destroyed the Muslim IQ. Pedo Muhammed told all those idiots first cousins were good breeders.

It is a few races that all happen to be ugly with low IQ.

Niggers are niggers whether sand or African variety. Islam just means especially niggard.

Have sex