Incest stories thread?

Incest stories thread?

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Once upon a time, a dude banged his sister.

The End

can confirm this happened

pretty much this.

I have a somewhat long true story I've posted before. Only a little wincesty, mostly non wincesty.

well there was that one time.

go for it!!!

I once got a blowjob from my sister

Hey guys is OP here and I just wanna say that I'm a huge homo and I love sucking little dinky dicks. I take all their cummies and rub them all over my sweaty hairy man tiddies

Sexual curiosity got pretty out of hand in my childhood.

>be me 12+ years ago
>i'm 11 years old, younger sister is 10
>watch a lot of movies and tv together
>we end up becoming increasingly interested in intimacy and sex from movies and tv, and rewinded to watch the notebook sex scene several times with rachael mcadams and ryan gosling
>also watched porn together, downloaded from limewire. i specifically remember one 5 minute german video we watched weveral times
>one day, we're both in her bedroom, parents downstairs, i suggest "wanna try kissing?"
>we're both laughing about it and how it would be gross, but curiosity builds quickly
>eventually, we start by just pecking our tongues together, still laughing around hysterically as primal instinct builds up
>after about 30 minutes of that shenanigans, we both sit on the side of her bed, side by side, staring into eachothers eyes, position ourselves right, and go for a full on french kiss
>first one lasts about 3 seconds, we both riposte in embarrassment and laughter, i get a massive hard-on, but conceal it
>keep french for the next 40-50 minutes, trying to see how long we can keep one kiss going for
>we also try it standing up while hugging, kind of emulating what we're used to seeing in movies

That was the start of many events for the next 4-5 years.

Here we go. Inb4 copypasta. Is my copypasta
>Known wife since we were kids.
>She and her identical twin sister were best friends with my younger sister
>I was best friends with her/their older brother.
>First pussy I ever saw (other than mom or sister) was hers at age 6, quickly followed by her sister's. Was 8 at the time.
>Couple years later, girls wanted to do kissing practice. Ended up kissing her and her sister. Friend kissed my sister.
>Did kissing practice a lot over next couple years with them.
>Was probably 14, maybe 15, remember it was freshman year of HS
>At friend's house with another friend and his sisters and my sister, all of us swimming
>The twin sister asks us what a blow job is.
>We kind of stutter and get real nervous
>My friend (her brother) asks her why
>Now-wife says a girl at lunch (they were in 7th grade now) was talking about how she gives her BF blow jobs all the time and she's really good at it and they wanted to know what they were
>We tell them, weird to have that conversation with your sister, but whatever
>Twin sister says she wants to know how to do it and we should teach them
>My best friend (her brother) is only one who'd ever had one
>We go inside to their TV room
>He tries to explain it to them, using finger and then a coke bottle
>Finally, my sister asks if they can try it
>Best friend and I look at each other and at other friend. Surreal moment of "this is weird and holy shit 'bout to get muh dick sucked'
>He sits on couch and pulls pants down
>I had seen his dick before, thought it was funny since he was uncircumcised
>Three girls in the room, two of them are his sisters, so watch my little sister kneel down in front of him.
>Yes, first BJ I ever see in person is my little sister and my best friend
>We all watch in rapt attention as she does it and he gives advice
>After about 7 minutes, he cums. Sister runs to bathroom to spit it out
>Other friend pulls down his pants, also uncircumcised, smaller than best friend

>Now-wife's twin sister does it, trying to follow advice from first one
>He only takes like a minute
>Appears he doesn't yet suffer from death grip
>Twin sister doesn't spit, now-wife's eyes go big as she watches her sister swallow
>Ok, my turn now, I sit down, and pull my shorts off.
>I'm cut, and a little bigger than both of them.
>My now-wife, who is 13 at the time, gets between my knees and takes my cock in her mouth.
>The advice given earlier doesn't work as well, given slitghtly different junk profile
>She's a quick study though, and gets a rhythm to it.
>About 4 or 5 minutes in, and I blow. Hadn't fapped the few days before and this was a big shot
>She tries to do what her sister did and swallow.
>Gets half of it down but some is running out of her mouth
>25 years later, that image is still locked in my brain
>We went back to swimming and a couple hours later, did it again. This time twin sister blew me and now-wife did the other friend
>Over the course of a couple weeks, probably got 10 BJs from the two of them, all but one of those in this weird, in front of everyone six of us together setting.
>Next part I know is going to sound crazy, so believe me if you want or not
>Because of how the pairing off went, my sister ends up always getting with best friend.
>They aren't bf/gf, but they just always get paired
>She says something about it to my now-wife
>Decide that since it is just practice, shouldn't matter who is with who, but to keep it from being weird, we would turn off all lights (TV room had no windows, so it got totally black in there).
>So the three of us (the guys), sit on couch, dicks out
>Like 15 seconds later, feel hands on my knees and then one hand moves to my dick and then mouth on it
>By this point, I have had almost a dozen BJs from my now-wife and her twin. Kind of know what their technique is, can almost tell them apart
>This is different. Oh shit, my sister
>She clearly knows it's me, since no foreskin

>Her technique is really good, like great.
>Also, thinking about the fact it's her, and that my best friend is also being sucked by one of his sisters
>Immediately blow load
>Other friend does too
>Just best friend still going, couple minute go by and he blows load too
>We all zip up, turn lights back on
>Pretty certain it was now-wife who had her brother, since her lips are still wet, and wiping mouth (confirmed that fact later on in life - she realized it was him as he was bigger than the other guy).
>That was last time we did group setting thing like that
>Fast forward a couple more years. Lost virginity to now-wife
>No, not the only person I ever had sex with. We dated for a while, then broke up, then got back together, then broke up. Many iterations of that.
Have some other good stories about her and her sister. Not really relevant to thread though, since not incest

please more

Keep going

>That was the start of many events for the next 4-5 years.

do go on

>be me 15
>think of sister when spank benis
>sister walk in "u think of me?"
>"u want me to touch benis?"
>sister is spanking benis
>am going to coom my balls
>coom on sister
>sister kisses head
>image familliar

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I grew up with 4 sisters. Never had a single incesty thought about them. My wife, on the other hand, fooled around with her brother back in HS.

>Have some other good stories about her and her sister. Not really relevant to thread though, since not incest
I'm still interested.

Bit of a long read but worth it

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top kek

continued. this is a bit samey, but that's what it was like:

>not much else happens that day. i wander out of the room with my heart beating fast and my penis still throbbing. i still don't understand ejaculation and only have a vague idea of what masturbation is
>flash forward some time in the next few months
>monday, approximately 9:40pm
>parents think both sister and i are going to sleep
>we both decided to get up to watch big brother uncut, which starts at 10pm
>literally uncensored boobs, penis, vagina on television
>we both get excited watching it with the volume turned down
>contestants talking dirty as fuck, talking about things like blowjobs, anal sex, eating girls out, etc
>also lots of french kissing, playful groping and of course, they all shower together
>sister and I also start trying french kisses again half-way through the hour run-time, but keeping it as quiet as possible
>show ends, and we go to sleep for the night

Incense Fred?

Why make a story that long

I'm pretty much fwb with my sister (siblings with benefits?)
>2 Years ago
>Be me
>Be 17
>Sister Sarah 19 is home from uni
>Parents out of town for some second honeymoon or some shit
>Sis out with some mates
>I'm at home playing Xbox
>Set up in the living room with the big TV and a few beers
>Like midnight sis gets home
>She's pretty drunk
>We end up sitting on the sofa chatting and drinking for ages
>"Screw this, I'm getting changed"
>She heads off upstairs
>Reappears a few minutes later
>She lies down with her back over my legs and her head on the arm of the sofa
>Don't really think much of it, she does this all the time
>She's wearing short pyjama bottoms and a t shirt
>Keep on chatting and drinking
>Sarah's clearly not wearing a bra
>Her nipples are showing through her shirt
>And they start to get hard
>Really obvious
>Try not to stare
>She notices
>"What it's cold, stop staring, ya pervert" she jokes
>Pushes her chest out a bit and pulls her t shirt tight
>This makes her boobs really obvious
>I'm awkward as fuck with all this
>She notices and just laughs
>"Ya like them, user?"
>I instantly turn bright red
>"Umm y-yeah, I guess" I reply
>"You guess, want a better look then?"
>She makes as if to pull off her top
>But just stops and laughs again
>This teasing goes on for a few more minutes
>After a couple minutes, she shimmys up so she is sitting between me and the arm of the sofa and I'm under her legs
>She makes a point of grinding her ass against me as she slides up
>I'm getting hard at this point

>siblings with benefits

can confirm that in real life this is just a really sad codependency :(

Dunno man, it's not mine

I had to help my 11yo niece bathe/shower several times and it was honestly pretty fun

I was 13 and my cousin was 14. We used to play doctor when wed come over. We eventually moved onto truth or dare, she dared me to strip, I dared her to play with my dick. I've never had a mouth in it just my hands. She never blew me but every time i can came over she gave me amazing his.
I looked up porn to try something new. She didn't wanna do anything else. So I dared her to jerk me off and swallow. I was just about to bust but didnt tell her, it was all over her hands and managed to get it on her clothes. That was the last time we did anything

I had to help my 11yo niece shit/fart several times and it was honestly pretty fun

>another new day
>sister and i watching some movie in the afternoon during school holidays, but can't remember what exactly, might've american pie
>talk a lot about sexual lingo throughout the runtime
>already used to kissing and mildly feeling each other up at this point
>talk about it a bit more, decide to try a blowjob
>late in the afternoon, we both go upstairs, to her bedroom, put a towel at the bottom of the door to prevent any sound from leaking out
>still talk for a bit, both of us laughing quietly about it and very embarrassed
>finally get started, i pull my pants and underwear down to my ankles, sit on the side of the bed, sister still giggling from before and still standing
>eventually she squats down to her knees, still giggling and hesitating. i'm kind of already getting a boner just from being in that exact position
>she starts licking my cock, and playing around with it in a circular motion
>*hardon intensifies*
>i asked her how it tasted, she said she didn't know
>finally get her to start properly sucking
>heartrate intensifies, hard to keep quiet
>end up coming in her mouth, she is grossed out as hell and runs straight to the bathroom for the tap
>quickly pull pants back up, cue to semen stains all over my pants, underpants and a bit on the carpet
>spend the next hour cleaning up as thoroughly as possible

cont plox

The two of them would "parent trap" people where Twin A pretends to be Twin B and vice versa. They've done it to me before, both when we were dating and ever a couple times after we were together. 95% of the time, totally innocuous, but sometimes has led to more intimate situations.

They did that more casually in HS and college too.

Spill the tea on how they'd fool around?


>Pretty sure she could feel it
>She's just sitting there looking at me mischievously
>I look into her eyes thinking I can stare her down
>She just lifts her arm up and around my neck and pulls our faces together and into a kiss
>We are both into it instantly, I can't remember either of us hesitating
>At first I have no idea what to do with my hands
>I end up with one behind her head and the other on her shoulder
>She moves her shoulders and lifts her arm a little so my hand slides down so it's on her side
>Then she turns her torso into my hand and I feel her breast slide into my palm
>Her still erect nipple brushes against my hand, which is still barely resting on her
>Sarah breaks off the kiss, but keeps her face close to me
>She's breathing quite heavily and I can feel it against my face
>"Fuck" She whispers, "Keep going?" she asks, still in a whisper
>My mind is screaming at me to stop, she's my sister for Christ sake
>But I'm a horny teenager so my brain should know better than to try to reason with my dick
>"Yeah" I whisper back before pulling her lips back to mine
>I move my hand on her boob round to that I'm cupping it properly now
>I give it a gentle squeeze
>Sarah lets out a soft moan as I do so
>We keep kissing as I fondle her breast
>Eventually I end up gently pinching her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and rolling it back and forth
>She moans louder at that
>Breaking off the kiss again
>"That feels... really good..." she's practically panting now "I'm still cold though, wanna go warm up?" I could hear the smile in her voice now
>I agree and she jumps up and almost drags me upstairs and towards her room

Not a sibling, not even a girl, but when I was 11 my 14 y/o cousin (and one of his friends) seduced me into this secret gay sex life they had going on. The two of them had been experimenting together for a few years, and after some gentle grooming and awkward new experiences, I became the +1 to their dirty duo. I was so curious and horny that I was totally into it, way more than my cousin expected me to be, and I had so much fun secretly fooling around with both of them for years more. We fooled around every chance we got - after school before my aunt got home from work, or at sleepovers, on camping trips, hiding outside in the woods. It went so far beyond being some innocent and casual experiments and the stuff the three of us did together got absolutely pornographic (and like a lot of you, we learned it all from porn). I got too many stories to even know where to begin if I were to greentxt it, so ask me anything if you want to know.


keep going ffs

Also if anyone is interested, this is a fairly recent pic of her, heavily edited and blurred of course (not taking any chances).

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Fuckkkk. Her tits look so juicy. Please post more

Keep going please!! And a picture of her please!!!

>Get molested
>Surprise, it's gay
Boner died and that's pretty fucked up considering we're jerking it to incest already. Wtf man

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Any of her in a bikini or lingerie she sent you?


It's her twin brother (fraternal, obviously). They were super close to each other growing up (still are). In early high school (freshman year I think), they got a little curious about their bodies and fooled around, dry humping mostly. They both liked it and eventually started doing it without the underwear on (or anything else). They rationalized it that as long as there wasn't penetration, it wasn't weird. Apparently lots of loads spilled over several months like in pic related.
(Interestingly enough, she still loves doing this to this day, and we have done it tons of times).

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I definitely was not "molested" I wanted it, and have nothing but fond memories of it all. In fact the three of us still giggle about it in secret and sometimes we still fool around, just not nearly as often anymore. RIP your boner so sowwy about that. What I did with my cousin is not any more or less fucked up than dudes banging their sisters, so wtf indeed.

Why did you stop?

>We reach her room
>She’s still in front of me
>She stops facing away from me reaching behind her and pulled me towards her
>She grinds her ass against me
>I reach up and cup her boobs
>I move my hands down to the bottom of her shirt and then up and under
>She reaches down too, lifting her t-shirt up and off
>She turns around and I get the first good look at her boobs
>They aren’t particularly big, a nice handful, pretty perky and quite large nipples
>She moves close to me, removing my t-shirt
>We move together pressing our bodies together
>Sarah hooks her fingers into the waistband of my sweatpants and pulls them down
>I’m wearing tight boxer shorts
>My boner is really obvious
>She reaches down and gently runs her hand over my dick
>It was only a light touch but I felt like I would cum right there
>Eventually move over to her bed
>End up with me sitting up and Sarah sitting between my legs lying back against me
>We start making out again
>I keep playing with her tits, as I pinched her nipples she kept moaning softly
>Sarah grabs one of my hands and pulls it down towards her crotch
>I slide my hand down and under her shorts
>The shorts themselves were loose but the waistband was quite tight
>I used my other hand to push them down and off
>I run my hand down towards her pussy over her underpants
>The crotch of her underpants is noticeably wet
>As I rub her the fabric Sarah moans lightly
>I pull my hand up and push it down under the waistband
>Her pubes rub against my hand as I reach down to her pussy
>She’s fucking soaked

That's pretty epic

Why is this thread dead?




I only have gay sroties

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plz spill

Me and my cousin used to fool around when we were round 9(me) and 11(him). Playing 'games' that involved getting naked and touching each other. Went on for a couple of years.

I remember how I didn't like the taste of his dick. I wasn't gross, just unusual to me. But I sucked it anyway pretty often, either to make him happy or so he'd suck on mine. I was so young it felt like I was about to to pee in his mouth whenever I came close to cumming.

His toned but young, sexy body was so nice, even though I pretended I wasn't at all gay at the time. We always said we were just playing, or more often "practising" for when we were old enough to be with girls.

I also loved it when he'd make me suck his dick.He was bigger than me, so he could grab my hair and shove me down towards his crotch. I always told myself it was just my punishment for losing at out little wresting game, but deep down I loved being used like that.

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Oh my god


Had a weird show and tell educational moment with my mom one day when I was 13 after we were talking about women and girlfriends and all things relating to "lady stuff" and she ended up showing me her pussy.

Describe this situation more?

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thats pretty hot, you ever get fucked?

you fucking faggot
faggot as well kill yourself

We kind of got deep into conversation and I was asking the difference between the g-spot and clitoris and where it was and she said "well I can show you if you really like?" and after about an embarrassing 5 min or so of me saying "are you serious?" and her say "do you really want me to show you I can show you?" and us both half laughing the whole time I said OK but how do we do this exactly? She said just wait a minute and she went off to the bathroom and then she called out "OK ready" and I went to he bedroom where she was sitting on the edge of the bed, she then took her underwear off then laid back and opened her legs.

Live with my sister in a studio ever since I started transitioning. She lets me sleep in the bed sometimes :)

Only a couple of times. It took ages to get warmed up with fingering etc, especially since we didn't have lube obviously. Always telling each other "this is what we'll be doing to girls when we're grown up so we have to practice", kek

Never felt too good since, again, we didn't have lube. But I still loved having him inside me because of how enthusiastic he was, and I guess how desperately he wanted to pound me. Like I said, I secretly loved being used.

I also loved the odd occasion I got to fuck him. I didn't really understand why my dick felt so nice being inside him, but I obviously needed to be ready to do it with girls when I was older.

he had a nice, tight, round ass too, in retrospect.

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Anyone lurking?

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I want to fuck my cousin, but some baboon already got to her and she's pregnant, is the aids worth it?

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Right here

Dope image

agreed. got any more?

just double bag it bro

I mean looks like she wouldn't want to fuck you if she already has a man.

Post more pics tho, she's fit.

And if she's not attached to the guy go ahead and fuck the preggo slut.

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all this sister brother shit is just so boring it just the same thing over and over again anyone got any mother son stories?

Tricked my mom into sending me nudes

post em then

Well, elaborate then.

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im playing league now

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Any more?

It wasn't actually incest, just kinda incesty, but I had a threesum with my sister and one of her friends a could of years back and it became a regular thing for a little while.

Bumping while I type out the story for any cunts interested.

brother sister stuff happens a lot more often tbh


Ok I gotta see this


Sauce for image?

Don't know I'm afraid. Saw on ss on 7ch and saved it

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Anyone got storiies from dads letting their sons find nudes of their mom? I remember a thread a while back of this guy who caught his son posting his moms nudes on b and the dad caught him since he was also a btard.

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wish that happened to me when I was younger..


hurry up nigger

I think all Dads should 'accidentally' let their adult sons find their Mom's nudes. I mean we're all curious, right? :P



>be me
>30 yr old single never married and no kids
>fuck anything and everything
>vacationing with 60 year old mom
>have always beat off to her
>found mom son porn in browser history when i was 13
>pissed but got over it
>has always teased me
>2nd night I am laying there
>on her phone talking to a friend back home
>watching mom son porn on my phone
>go to bathroom to beat off
>leave door open light on
>all i can think about is her in the next room
>been in there almost 10 minutes
>she has to know or suspect something
>get it nice and hard
>walk across the room
>bone sticking straight out of my boxers
>no way she doesn’t notice
>hear her say holy shit and look over at her
>covers her mouth with her hand
>shaking her head no with huge eyes
>look down act surprised
>cover my boner and shove back in boxers
>move my lips saying sorry and wince
>tells her friend “oh just something on tv user showed me”
>lay down get under covers
>go back to watching porn
> rub the tip of my dick with the palm of my hand
>she hangs up and minutes go by
>not a word is said
>is on her iPad it looks like
>still rubbing
>I see movement out of the corner of my eye
>her legs bent up under her covers
>then I hear it
>sound of fingers brushing up against bed sheets
>fast and faint
>i looked over briefly and couldn’t tell
>i could see her stomach rising and falling
>started rubbing harder
>sound picked up faster and louder
>lasted another half minute or so
>sound stopped
>nothing was said
>went to bed

How close was I?