S/fur feral thread

s/fur feral thread

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happy friday bump

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Perdita is so graceful. She still looks regal and ladylike even when taking three dicks at once.

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thats how all female dogs should always look, all the time.

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this activates my primal instinct to mate holy god damn

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Nice trips, you coomer fuck.

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Wtf is this boring shit nigger

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it feels good if you rub the front of her pussy while doing it, then she clenches up, and eventually you can make her cum by pushing her cunt down on your dick as you fuck.

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cuz thats where their clits are

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I wish Nintendo made Epona sapient like that. I had this dream where she was revealed to be the goddess of equines she was named after and I still have to remind myself that isn't canon.

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animals are already sapient.

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sentient, not sapient

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yeah that

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Just had sex with my husky again a couple hours earlier. It's a nice routine. Life is alright.

Ask me anything.

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Why should we believe you?

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huh never thoght youd ask that lool

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It was the first question which came to mind.

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well probably better if not everyone believes it. Cuz some wackos try to hurt zoos animals, or get them euthanized.

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How did your first time go?

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2nd heat with my gsd. Couldnt go in all the way. Took time for her to grow out. So it was anticlimactic.

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No one gives a shit degenerate nigga

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i gota brb... dogs. Movie night.

Might keep posting from tablet if the threads still up.

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I'm sleepy

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if raccoons had human pussies...

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