Zoe had been the sole survivor of a tragic Jack Russell farm attack by alligators...

Zoe had been the sole survivor of a tragic Jack Russell farm attack by alligators. This singular event inspired Zoe's long 14 year life of violence, bloodshed, and love. Snake, spider, not squirrel could escape her maw. It's been hard. She's a good pupper. Please give her a sleep tight good pupper. She deserves so much more

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sleep tight good pupper

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Sleep tight good pupper. You deserved much more but you'll also live in infamy as a badass.

Sleep Tight Good Pupper D:

Sleep tight good pupper. You fought the good fight and brought joy to many. Take a nice rest buddy.

what dont put her down. Dogs can be retrained. Are you euthanizing?

Sleep tight, pupper

Zoe passed today by shot. Numerous reasons from brain to heart. She's been a shell of her former self for almost a year. We wouldn't have said goodbye unless it was necessary fren

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14 years is pretty young for a jack russel. What were you feeding her?

My condolences, nigga. That's a rough thing to do. Pass on the love to a new pup in need

Nutro brand. Plus she killed when our backs were turned, so 10% lifetime wild meat

Fuck ur dog

Thank you all, the love was much needed

Sleep tight good pupper

sorry to inform you, that's a low quality one but not as bad as others out there which ACTUALLY include canine meat.

So basically, she was eating pesticide-concentrated vegetables labeled too toxic for human consumption, along with lamb brains, testicles, and rotted meat, labeled unsuitable for human consumption. If you noticed any tumors on her, the reason is the pesticides in the vegetables in dangerously concentrated levels. Then look at her size, and do the math for how much she was taking in for her body weight.

Good luck with your next dog. Feed them supermarket human-graded meats only. With plenty of organs and non-tumor causing organic vegetables.

ur dog looks like a total spazz

>sorry your dog just died user, now let me get to tellin you all about how bad you fucked up as it's owner yuh hear!

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Shut the fuck petafaggot

fucking retarded normie, keep feeding your dog TOXIC levels of pesticides not approved for human consumption, basically dry cereal 3x a day for life, then pretending you love them.

Why don't you jackasses switch to a cereal diet with canned food for the rest of your life?

Keep up that based autism friend, the non existent friends you keep absolutely love it.

>feeds dog toxic cereal for over a decade
>dog grows tumors, develops infections, breathes funny, gets nervous system problems

"oh noes! what happened????"

normie logic. Not even once.

Sleep tight good pupper