Are there any MAGA tards on this board?

Are there any MAGA tards on this board?

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nope just us fags

trump made me $3,500 today!

what are you gonna do now that youre $3,500?

magatard reporting for duty

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anyone else think tiffany is the superior daughter?

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MAGA NY State checking in.

what's wrong with her face

Nancy Pelosi really puts the 'rats' in 'democrats'

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>>implying you have over 2 million in the stock market

Prolly cause she's the kid that spent the least time with him growing up. Good for her

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Pelosi is useless. She's more interested in handing out memorabilia that commemorates her useless service than actually being a functional member of our legislature.

At least she's not a white supremacist Nazi, she's got that going for her.

Yet she is somehow worse which she has that going for her

it's missing my balls across it

Yes she does. The pens cost tax payers 5k.


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>white supremacist Nazi

I know, right? And totally better than being a Lectroid from planet 10 by way of the 8th dimension, tbh.

Laugh while you can, monkey boy

at least another 4.5 years!

I'll be laughing every day for the next 5 years, binky.

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not enough flair


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>white supremacist Nazi
I wonder who that would be. What do you identify as I bet you're an intergalactic penguin.

Definitely not even 37 pieces. Sad.

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You hillbillies are so low iq

Someone get the chromosomes away from that girl

Epstein didn't kill himself.

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no, $388,000. where do you get 2 million?

actually $388,000 and some change

I have a theory that there are a few Trumptards on this board but most of the pro-Trump posts come from Russian trolls.

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There is no such thing as a Trumptard. There is just people that hate the faggot libtards and their degenerate nigger loving bullshit

Sounds about right.

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Yeah, the Ivanka genetics don't have a happy ending.

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Care to explain how Russia wants MORE Trump? He's tougher on them than the past two Democrat presidents. Russian bots are shilling for Breadline Bernie.

There's more than genetics in this facial fuckup

post noods

My theory is that since the Dems tried and failed to let illegals vote, they push this narrative with the assumption that the repubs tried to cheat as well to keep the attention away from their own cheating. Running an investigation for two years and finding jack shit seems to support that theory. Meanwhile the Dems push for anti voter ID laws, sanctuary cities, and open borders so they can get better at cheating the system.

I think every last one of them are ugly as sin

Negan is a liberal.

drinking libtards tears.

TRUMP 2020 AND TRUMP JR 2024 intensifies.


Death to the left

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Trump has over a billion and a half supports around the world. I'm sure some of them are here tonight.

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no, it's just the 'trumptards' as you put it are in a strange place; even though our guy won, we're made to feel ashamed that we did. And if we announce or mention any positive support or accomplishment for Trump, then we're ridiculed, mocked, treated impossibly hostile online or in person, threated with violence, told we're racist, bigoted, white supremacist, inbred losers.

it's simply easier to not say anything just to avoid the intolerant rantings and ravings and harassment of these people, because for some reason, they feel it's their moral obligation to do so, and the fact that they seem to take such zealous joy in doing so is quite frightening.

thats what ya get for being a faggot

Yep. Fuck off now back to the Cocksucking Nigger Network

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You know what. I work for President Trump He's the best, most honest man that has ever worked for this country. I'm real tired of you libtards . If you wanna debate me. Fine. I'm on Facebook. I'm not scared. My name is Shane M. Bouvet. I work as a social media coordinator for Donald and the biggest Patriot you ever met. You want my phone number? Just ask. I'm not scared. Trump 2020 FACT.

pretty much this. they'll be surprised again in nov at the polls, because 'trumptards' will just to the polls and pull that lever.
I don't ever really talk about being a republican in public, and most people don't.
'Libfags' really have no idea how wrong the polls are about trumps approval rating. You would think they would have after the 98% poll.

that's why you carry, they can say whatever they want but once they put up fists or draw a knife, you shoot

Right on, assuming not bait!

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Digits confirm

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Trump will go down in history as the dumbest president of all time.

Fuck you.

If you work for trump can you confirm if he was inducted into the fraternity Phi Gamma Delta as a post graduate.

(217) 565-1560
408 W Birch St, Stonington, IL, 62567-9602

"Hello, Comet Pizza?"

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No, people supporting Trump are just trolling.

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oh wow yea nop

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I fucking love me some Trumpy. Why so scared OP?



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Giving my liberal feminist gfs pics to maga supporters on kik publicgf

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