Shouldn't share

shouldn't share

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where were we?

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Sweet. Asshole plz


don't see any asshole in my collection

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Night ruined. Any with her face is fine. No dumb looking filters if possible

>yfw no pussy pics

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Who wants to see her pussy

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great body, more?

OP here. I never said NO pussy pics. I said no up close or spread. Or no super high quality.

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Is that her dissatisfaction face because of her husband's inability to get pictures that aren't her caught off guard or unaware?

Where's her pussy with a cock in it already?

If she has one, sure


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actually kind of into her

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nice tabes


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Love that cellulite in her thighs. More

Damn continue


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Oh...oh gosh. Um. Gonna find a different thread now.

I have no good explanation for why she wont take or let me take pussy pics. It's a mental thing. As can be seen by pics she sends covering it.

Shes warmed up to the idea of HC pics

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way too HD of a pic

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tits are the winning bet with her


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she had such a nice body before the fag impregnated her needlessly

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You claim to be her husband but can't make her feel good enough about her pussy to let a 1 picture be taken? /confused

> (You)
>If she has one, sure

Linked the wrong post.

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Holy fucking shit. This is why I don't want kids



Its still nice

3 weeks after having a baby I'll even admit not a great pic lol


nice, any nudes?

No she didn't. Tattooed. Areolas too big. Pussy lips not even sizes and meat coming out. Too many freckles. Only good for average girl. Meh.

look at how perfect she was

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Agreed, but it might just be a bad picture. I wanna see those fat thighs more than anything. More cellulite, user!


any moar?

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incel be gone

nah fuck KIK, post her here

and sweet jebus, that's a huge kid in there

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No, sorry bud

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Alright, virgin alert. Who the fuck even thinks like this? Imagine never getting any pussy ever in their life at all and then assuming this picture isn't at least a solid 8/10?

Seriously, bro. You're a legit loser. Do yourself a favor and start next week with a gym membership and put the Mtn Dew down.

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Love the see through. She deleted this pic off her facebook as soon as she got tagged

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Holy FUCK. I can see not being able to pull out of her, but I'd at least have her get an IUD or stop by a pharmacy for plan b. Her body had been wreeeecked that more than one? I'm set on child birth being an STD now. What the fuck

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Need some kansas girls

keep the before pics coming then

Shes slapped phone outta hand just not having it.
Body not that wrecked imo

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Anyone got the nudes from this one a few threads back

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more of her?
asshole looks like its kissing the counter

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more more

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lets see some more

ask the other op he wrecked her

let's be honest for a moment, her tits got mangled good
don't get me wrong, I'd still do her and make you watch

I almost forgot to post the videos, here you go
butthole galore

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You can't be serious about the pussy pictures. There's no way. I've had insecure girlfriends, and maybe I'm just good with words, but I've always gotten everything I've ever wanted from them when it comes to shit like that.

Is it fucked up looking or something? Warts? Super stretch marks? Clit too big? I'm very curious, honestly.

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do more pics please
pussy visible preferred
I think I got your gifs by now

looks promising

Not at all. I dont really push the envelope much either.

We got more in the discord chat:


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More! Any panties to side?

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Yeah, alright man. Totally sounds legit

Got em all u think?

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I mean. Idgaf kek.

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