This shit is so grotesque i had to make a dedicated thread for it

this shit is so grotesque i had to make a dedicated thread for it

why doesnt the other guy give a shit?

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Touching him or the fan is a hazard to the employee. You should never dislodge a person being electrocuted by touching them lest you become the quickest path to ground. This combined with the fact that he's being a douche of a human by crossing the barrier to grab the fan, I'm sure the guy felt like he got what he deserved. A shitty way to go, but the world's full of imbeciles doing imbecile things.

As if he was supposed to assume the fan was an electrical death trap?
I guess 3rd worlders like you are used to this kind of shit.
Elevators, escalators, fans, etc

From the US. Life isn't fair. It's not anyone's job to save the guy. I certainly wouldn't put myself in danger of death to save a stranger, let alone an asshole. And he knew he wasn't supposed to cross the barrier, hence he should not touch the fan.

Yellow vests shift was over baby. He had already signed out and was off the clock and was packing up.

>why doesnt the other guy give a shit?

his shift was over; fuck that dude he's off home to fuck his wife and eat a steak.

also, these days, if you try and help someone and it "goes wrong" you stand a fair chance of being sued for some shit.

Why did he even come up and touch the fan? Next question; is that allowed? Final question; are some rules in place to protect dumbasses?

Moo-slims. Nothing of value was lost.

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Follow the rules or die. This is how the world is supposed to be

1. It was hot.
2. No.
3. I hope not.

>Why did he even come up and touch the fan?

he was probably a mental case.
once you take that into consideration, the rest of your questions are moot.

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he totally noticed.
ho probably didnt like the guy.

>I guess 3rd worlders like you are used to this kind of shit.
I live in USA so you're not wrong.

Very likely. In America, that shit would get you arrested for not rendering aid.

Rules exist for a reason. Breaking them doesn't mean you deserve death, but it happens. Humans are animals. Animals die everyday from poor decisions. Why does the death of a random human on the other side of the he world bother you so much?

>giving a shit about non whites

It's literally just a regular fan that malfunctioned and randomly killed a dude that wanted to adjust it. Could have happened the exact same way to you, literally nothing but bad luck.


Reading the article... the dude that didn’t care sounds like a real dick.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

That's only if you're involved in a car accident. You otherwise have no legal duty to render iad.

Have you ever worked with people. cause their are a few shitheels that i would watch die.

>Could have happened the exact same way to you

nah, because I wouldn't have just gone up and through what is obviously an employees only barrier and touched shit that isn't my responsibility.
this is why you ask staff to do stuff; if the equipment is faulty, and the staff member knows about it, he can tell you.
if the equipment is faulty and the staff member doesn't know about it, then his family can sue the company.

This is quite funny actually.

He probably didn't notice. I'm sure he noticed that the man was there moving akwardly but didn't recognize the actual situation.

He hates fan-bois.


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because it happening to a muslim?

he crossed the line

link plz

Related but better.

Quittin time, what of it?

He was an employe, he noticed that the fan isn't directed on the people in line so he wants to correct that. No good deed stays unpunished....

What type of electricity do they use?
110 AC doesn't do that.

this. a 12 year old understands that you're simply not supposed to cross a restricted area, let alone grab a ventilator. the guy was obviously up to do some dumb or childish shit and it's not other people's obligation to finish raising this grown-ass man on common sense things, he's old enough to suffer the consequences of being a manchild.

>The standard voltage is 230 V

However, it's the amperage that kills ya.

Lmao thanks for the laugh op