Late teen user here, soon I'll be going through the uni gauntlet soon and I expect to be poor afterwords...

Late teen user here, soon I'll be going through the uni gauntlet soon and I expect to be poor afterwords, are there any alt living anons who can give me tips on good housing for the poor? (like living in a boat or an RV or something)

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thats a money pit, plus dock fees
plus laundry ect

I hear there's a spot under the bridge

You can live off the dock and have permanent anchor for free. Less chance of a nigger robbing you too.

>thats a money pit, plus dock fees
All that combined is still cheaper than renting a house tho (in most areas)

>for free
most* marinas charge by the foot. lets say for a live aboard the min size would be a 25 to 27 footer. the price per foot varies but lets say 45 per foot. and the cost of the boat ...idk 5k for a shitty one. also every marina i know of requires insurance of at least 1 mil liability. if he is in a cold spot he will need to upgrade the boat with heat. also most marines require sewage for live aboard. not as cheap as most ppl think. granted its cheaper than an apartment in some where like london or san fran

Get a pickup with a cap and a bed. Shower at the fitness center you have to pay for.

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is marina practice pretty uniform or does pricing and stuff like that fluctuate a lot?

looks cold af

People who say "Boat" usually don't know what they're talking about. A boat big enough to live aboard is gonna cost about $60,000 and up. Unless you're an experienced sailor, you're looking at a small yacht (35 ft and larger), and to fuel it, it's gonna cost about $3,000 to fill the fuel tanks. The engines(s) need to be tip-top shape, or you can end up very fucked. The seals where the shaft goes through the hull to the props have to be re-packed every few years. Those are often the boats you'll end up buying, something that needs to be re-fit somehow. A slip is $500 a month and up. People say you can anchor anywhere, but you can't. You'll get hassled by the coast guard if they see you there for very long, and they have the right to come aboard for inspections. So, you can make a floatilla at an off-shore buoy, people split those costs and it's cheaper but theres no privacy when you're tied to other boats. Theres no power, and no sewage pump-out. Those costs can add up and most people find it's worth the dock fees. You have storms to contend with, and they happen pretty regularly where the climate is warm enough to live aboard year round. The trade off with all that is the fuel. Moving to the leeward side of an island to escape a storm requires fuel. Then the regular maintenance is a giant hassle and you'll spend a lot of time dicking around with fix-ups. All in all, it's cheaper to rent an apartment, and a lot less work. I understand the romance of a boat, but you have to know what you're doing. It takes years to become a knowledgeable boat person.

its, prices will be in the same ball park on the great lakes like Detroit or buffalo
but go to the Florida keys or Miami or Los Angles and it could be 3x the cost.

comfy AF

They vary greatly. There are upscale marinas and shit marinas.

this man speaks the truth. i have a Catalina 25 i fucking LOVE but she always takes my cash. and i keep her on a trailer. fuel only runs me 100 bucks a year b/c i sail but if you had a motor cruiser lololol good by money

You're a retard I know some old cunt that's been living on a houseboat in the exact same spot for the past 20 years

I live in Toronto, so it's hard to live full time in a van. But I had a dodge caravan when I was younger, and lived in that all summer. I also couch surfed/showerd at friends places. I had a job at the time making 50 k a year but instead of paying minium $1000 rent, all my money went towards booze and drugs. It wasn't much fun in the summer when it was really fucking hot.

not him but he isnt a retard he is spot on mate.
and yeah there are house boats but they are not cheap. the ones here in Sausalito can sell for a million just for the slip and another 500k for the boat

depressing af. Pathetic.

Yep, enough room for all your clothes and small things, a week's worth of groceries, get free ice at the cafeteria probably. Keep it warm with a 12v electric blanket.

You can get a dependable old truck for $1,500.

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>he doesnt go we all cant just be happy playing fortnight and fapping to cuck porn all day at home like you do anonkun

Maybe tied up along some swamp-ass river.

one of these would be comfy too

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dude you are living like a hobo lmao.

Rent a small country house for like $800 a month. Massive 3 bedrooms. Fuck college.

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I know people who have a trailer and a truck. Sleep in the trailer and can unhook, then go about their day. Good mobility.

what if he doesn't want to live in the country
what if he is happy following an educational passion?
dont get so upset over other folks happiness

I am going to post comfy boats

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Vans are cool, and a lot easier to deck out than boats. If you can find an extended van, you can yank the seats out and do all sorts of groovy shit inside.

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>50k debt and a starbucks job
>living like a hobo for 4 years to get a dead end degree instead of living in the country and working a factory or skilled trades job

fuck off dumbass. People like you stray young people into eternal poverty.

Thats pretty nice bruh.

>working a factory
maybe he is going for a naval architect degree
maybe he is learning business and is saving capital
maybe he want to just chill and drift around a bit.
you are so quick to lash out in anger and Ad hom

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>eternal poverty.
like living in bumfuck Pennsylvania working at JLG and getting laid off then getting SSI and raging on mexicans for taking his jerb!!!!

>paying $8,000 a semester for housing

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Your best option might be to look for roommates, OP. If you split rent across 3 people, it's a bit cheaper.

Also, unless you're being educated on mommy' and daddy's money, don't get a stupid degree. Go for something with actual earning potential.

shes EZ to solo sail, i can weekend on her and drop anchor, pop a bottle and watch the sunset

dont say I didnt warn you

mexicans do take jerbs

>mexicans do take jerbs
exactly. this is why you need to acquire a skill set that isnt ez to replace. i can see the value in a trade skill like underwater welding or a line man, but the vast majority of "skilled trade" are replaceable labor jobs that go to the cheapest bidder. how many druggy roofers and painter are there? like everyone ive met

That sounds cool. Salt or fresh?

because nobody makes money in the mexican fields anymore. Mexicans took those and drove wages, way, way, way down. Lower than you'd think.

So they make by selling drugs. That's why all white construction workers are also dealers.

fresh. lake ontario and the finger lakes.
every few years i meet up with family and sail the Florida keys

I always wanted to do that. Thats how I know boats are expensive and a bad idea for people who think they're gonna live free. Ever do the Great Circle route?

btw guys, OP here and i think you're focussing too much on the going to uni thing - either way I'd be looking for cheaping housing plus I like the idea of living in a vehicle so this'd be on my mind even if all money trouble was abated

>Ever do the Great Circle route?
i wish. i need more exp and a bigger boat.
i might up grade to a beneteau in a few years.
ill have to save up a bit more

>I always wanted to do that
i got started with 2 lessons from the ASA and a 1800 dollar Catalina 22 pop top i bought on Craigslist, i spent another 500 on life vests and a garmin and just learned in good weather

id make this tread on /out/. less trolls and better responses

>fewer trolls

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Do not ever live in a fucking RV or a camper, it is fucking miserable and just as expensive if not more expensive than living in some shithole apartment. Get a job you fucking faggot.

I lived on a sailboat and saved tons of money. I sold it and now rent a place and it sucks ass.

Fuck off, Pennsylvania is awesome!

i like comfy boats

me and the gf always talked about getting a big boat for us and the critters, lottery dream stuff

she died last week


comfy boats please

especially with some good squarefootage, kinda thing we could have had an extra room or two

my grandparents used to own a houseboat and then there was a hurricane and the fucker got sunk, and due to some insurance issue they received nothing.

you need separate flood insurance to insure a dwelling. Unless they insured it as a vehicle.

don't start down this path. everyone who posts about living in their car never comes back.

not being able to stand up, cook, or clean anything. moisture from breath collects on the inside of the windows and gets stuffy. cops knocking on your door. homeless people trying to break in your van. No thanks

If the town youre going to is big enough there are probably hostel/communes set up for cheap

Search for "efficiency" apartment, and get a job the second you make it to town before all the midclass kids realize their parents college fund isn't enough for fun

I also am selling a freshly done camper van in Iowa if you have some cash and can figure out where to park it

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Aus fag here.
Lived in a van for a few months travelling.
Make sure you have 1-2grand back up.
If the vehicle is damaged or needs a mechanic you lose your home and transport.
Also have a push bike or skateboard as a 2nd mode of transport.
Think about how you cook and what food you eat, not having an oven or certain appliances is annoying.
Invest in a good small gas BBQ and mount a propane bottle to the outside of the van.
Australia is different to the U.S so some things might not apply.
We have a large amount of cheap caravan parks, or camp grounds close to towns, it's very easy to live mobile here.

heh not bad, i've considered ones like this
there was one with a bunch of extra sub floor storage and a huge generator

honestly i was thinking something more like a boat shaped boat for us and the critters

Don't go to uni retard

Don't fall into the trap of short term savings over long term true cost of ownership.

For example, if you purchase a $165K home in a decent neighborhood, but in 10 years you can sell it for $220K, then after accounting for inflation and closing costs you actually end up really only paying on the interest of the loan, which recently was as low as 3%.

Lets say by contrast you purchase a motorhome for $42K, but after 10 years it has various mechanical issues and can only be sold for $10K, even though you had all the sacrifices of such a tiny space, you lost $32K over that time and probably had higher maintenance costs.

Your best combination of low cost of living with low startup cost if you have poor credit is going to be getting an apartment with roommates with a shared living area.

don't forget the opportunity cost. people shit talk renting, but you lock yourself into a region by purchasing a house.

Check up on youtube on stealthcampers. People turn a van like a Mercedes Sprinter into quite sweet homes. And the thing about them is that they look like a normal vehicle parked there so you won't have police knocking on and niggers trying to break in. Check out some videos, there are a lot of genious ideas you can get from people.

BOAT, bros stands for, "bust out another thousand"

nice dubs

care to elaborate on your experience with campers/rvs?

you can sell a house, just like you can buy a house

paying rent is pissing money away, buying a house builds equity

I'm so sick and fucking tired of these teens posting here.
Fuck your future and I hope you suffer.

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Lol no it’s not.
>have to buy beer at drive thru
>penn turnpike is like 38484838 bucks to drive
>cant buy liquor on sundays

Rent a room in a boarding house. Probably $200 a month.

Ok boomer

If you do decide to live in a van, you can pretend you are the Sniper from tf2

Step 1. Don't fall for the college/university scam. Unless you're going for STEM, it's not worth it, and if you're going for the T in STEM, you don't even need to go, you just need to get good at it.

No education is a waste. If he goes for a ho hum undergraduate degree he will just need to keep his gpa high and go to grad school

Does anyone you know own one big enough to live on? They'd often be happy with some token amount of rent to cover expenses and know it’s safe.
When the America’s cup was on, a friend here ended up on a big boat for nearly 12 months with expenses paid so the owner knew it was being looked after. Outstanding fun, got to play super-rich ha ha

Any kind of degree in humanities is a waste, even at a PhD level. Virtually every non-STEM/medicine/finance/law degree does not even break even on the lifetime earning advantage versus not having debt and taking advantage of compound interest from a young age rather than student loan payments.