Judging women by their bodycount is ridiculous

>judging women by their bodycount is ridiculous
>the only difference between you and the women that you judge is circumstance
>if you had the opportunity to fuck the opposite gender to your heart's content, you would be no different

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>implying Sup Forums isn't comprised only of scum

A key that opens all locks is a useful key. A lock opened by all keys isn't a very good lock. You see, cuck, the inhernet difference is that I can wash my dick off and I'm the one doing the penetrating, whereas no amount of douching can wash away the shame of being peneteated by 10+ dicks.

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How does that matter when said still stands? If you had the opportunity to fuck the other gender as much as you want you would

The difference is one is easy to do (be a female and get fucked by a bunch of dudes) and one is hard to do (be a dude a fuck a bunch of women). Sort of like how people respect athletes. It's easy to just sit on your ass and watch TV. It's hard to get up and practice something every day to become good at it. If a woman wants to get laid all she has to do (assuming she is normal looking and not absolutely deformed in some way) is pick up her phone and message some dude. It's simply not that easy for 95% of men. Not saying it's right or wrong, but that's the difference.

>>Because I'm the one doing the penetrating.
>>>>No amoint of douching can wash away the shame of being penetrated by 10+ dicks.

Aka, theres no shame in fucking, there's shame in being fucked. You'll learn one day when you have sex for the first time.

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That doesn't matter because of what I've been saying


So? If you were a woman you would fuck as much as you want


No, that's not fucking, that's being fucked.

Semantics. what I said is still true

>If you were a woman you would fuck as much as you want
There are women who don't, so you can't assume that.

Honestly it needs to be as easy for men to get laid as it is for women. We should be able to chase 9/10s and have no trouble settling on a 5/10 beta chick orbiting us.


No, nothing about that is arguing semantics. You just can't argue against it.

You're literally too stupid not even worth my time

I have the opportunity to fuck all sorts of people.
I choose not to.

They can have better values as well. Their choice.

a chad is as much of a useless lock as a slut is. the only difference is that you choose to think that a hot guy fucking a lot of the opposite gender is different than a hot girl doing it. if they both want to get laid, and both can get laid, then why are they not judged the same?

because you're fucking stupid is why. wake up.

ok virgin

Because only 1% of guys can do that and the other guys admire him

I’ve typically seen guys having more body counts. Either that or I’m surrounded by rich spoiled fags

That means you have to look attractive to woman. This is literally what you’re talking about.

>if you had the opportunity to fuck the opposite gender to your heart's content, you would be no different
well, that's where you're wrong.

This assumes that I beleive in gender equality.

I don't.

Used women don't deserve a ring.

wrong, the number is way, way higher than 1%. do you really believe that the vast majority of women are so picky and confident that they'll only settle for 1 in 100 guys? that doesn't make sense on a basic mathematical level. girls are out there to get boyfriends and get laid as much as guys are. as a fat nerd, i can attest that a good sense of humour and some mild confidence can work wonders. i'm not pulling down models or anything like that, but i'm punching above my weight (metaphorically, not literally) in most of my interactions.

the idea of a 1 in a hundred alpha with a harem of exclusive women is a complete myth in today's society. even engaged and married women can be stolen away by men who know what they're doing.

If you're ugly in real life then this surely hits you hard, if not it will like how most Sup Forums would react.
We give no shit coz we're beautiful piece of shit unlike you OP.

But I want a world where average men look better to women than currently

Non virgin here!
I think sex is absolutely fucking disgusting and corrupts people!

>Think outside the box.

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This, I choose not to rape as well when I could do it easily.

don't compare consensual sex to rape. choosing to not fuck a willing hot slut is different than choosing not to commit a crime. you're a normal, good person, so of course you don't rape people. but if every time you went to a bar, hot women were throwing themselves at you and begging to go home with you, would you still maintain this moral abstinence?

you must understand women, when you're not their type and you two shank. consent or not it's considered rape.
when you do it with an underage, consent or not it's always rape.

Real talk
Does a girl having high body count affect your enjoyment of having sex with her? Does the effect differ from enjoyment of raping her?

The underage can consent when it suits the herd and magically can't when it doesn't.

incorrect again. i feel like you're basing your arguments on personal feeling rather than evidence. if i didn't know better i might think you were a woman yourself. women make their own choices, and the stereotype of a woman regretting her consent and claiming rape is so rare now as to be considered statistically non-existent. far more common when race-mixing was taboo, but far less today.

and surely we can all accept the argument for statutory rape on the simple grounds that our society currently views sex as something that only "adults" should even know about (thank you post-industrial notions of "innocence"). following that, if someone can't "understand" sex, then they can't consent to it. is this morally correct or biologically accurate? who's to say. but really only an animal chooses to indulge in their own bestial, reptilian urges over their higher brain functions.

i might be fully attracted to a 16 year old girl (legal in many countries) but if it isn't allowed in the country i find myself in, then i won't indulge. it's that simple. choose to act a certain way; don't be lead by caveman urges. that is what makes you a man.

>whoaamg men and women are different
are you 12 years old or what

That's not what we are talking about. Read the other reply. Of course everybody could have sex, but only a very small portion of men can have sex as easily as a woman.

>as a fat nerd, i can attest that a good sense of humour and some mild confidence can work wonders. i'm not pulling down models or anything like that, but i'm punching above my weight (metaphorically, not literally) in most of my interactions.
This vs drop your pants and say "who wants to have sex"
You have to work for it. Men literally pay women to have sex. That's why it is an accomplishment for men and not for women.

This. Women are the gatekeepers to good offspring. This is why animals fight or dance to chose the better female. They need to impress the best to receive the best, to make more of the best.

Yikes. I remember being 13 too.

Does me calling you a stanky ho affect your enjoyment of having sex with other guys?

Finally some decend discussion in Sup Forums
btw you all fuckers, you dont need to understand or think about women, just fuck them
Yeah, bodycount is something important, if you fucked 60 guys before 20 you definetly wont find a guy that will respect you. you are low and used material, just like the guys that accept you being a filthy whore.
Say no to marriage, just have fun guys

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i'm quite drunk, but i feel like i'm following your argument well enough, because it's a pretty basic and outdated one. the idea of the woman as the prey and the man as the hunter is no longer nearly as true as it was even a decade ago. women as young as 18 (and younger) now understand that they are allowed to seek out sex and enjoy it; to find their own partners and not simply wait for one good enough to come and find them.

seriously, to get real for a second one of the best nights of sex i personally ever has was when my roommate brought home two women (i was studying in my room; wasn't even invited to the night out) but one of the two women randomly walked in to my room, started stripping, and offered to do whatever i wanted in exchange for crashing in my bed because she didn't want to watch the other two going at it. a beautiful, sexual woman offering up her body for mere convenience, without even the promise of satisfaction (i like to think she went away happy, but who can tell). was she a rare, brazen harlot? no, just a normal young woman in today's society.

these incels that believe women are some unattainable goal baffle me... i've gotten laid by doing nothing more than showing up to a house party with a bottle of whiskey, and therefore becoming the man of the hour, fat nerd or no.

women in general aren't as choosy as they used to be, not by a long shot. you'd be amazed at how much a very attractive woman is willing to settle just because she wants to have an orgasm caused by someone else. the truth is women were never any different than men; they were just raised to act like they were.

sorry i just realised how long this response is... as i said i'm quite drunk, feel free to ignore me.

Yes I'd describe it as an improvement if by having sex you mean angering them and other guys includes you. I hope you enjoyed your gay sex user.

Dude, its not about what society says.
Yes, you fucked a harlot, and yes, its normal.
The "normie" woman is a slut thirsthy for sex cuz daddy issues, that now is "normal".
But from millions of years a great % of women went choking on dick constantly. Thats why a girl with controled sexuality is someone you would marry, but since none of you fuckers are ever going to marry a high value girl, just dont think about it. Fuck as many girls that you want

Tell that dude that rejected you for having a high body count that girls are not fairies, and happen to be that you are a slut. get over it, hes a weak dude, and you a whore.

But men can't be sluts user. Having lots of sex is a point of pride for a male. It's only slutty when a female does it. Good news! That means you're free to enjoy all the gay anger sex with me you desire.

im not gay, but hey 20$ are 20$

Considering how you murdered that green text and used it incorrectly I assume youre a newfag zoomer. Opinion in the trash go back to instagram or facebook or whatever shit you sit on all day

so... are you saying that there somehow exist a special strata of women that are made special by their reluctance to have sex, even though they are able to do so? that a "high value girl" is someone that represses their sexual urges for... some reason? why would you want a repressed weirdo virgin as opposed to a normal, healthy girl that understands sex and can perform well? what makes these prudes "high value"? no one things christian men saving themselves for marriage are "high value"

>im not gay, but hey $20 is $20
You use "is" in this scenario since you are talking about a sum of money, not the bills that make it up.


Getting paid for making people homo angry would be living the dream.

You're probably on the money with the instagram thing considering the site is 90% softcore camwhores. After enough time around such rampant slutty behavior people start to think that's how things should be.

It's the road less traveled. I, and many other people respect things that are difficult while looking down upon that which is easy. It is easy for a woman to have all the sex she wants, therefore I won't respect it. It is hard for a man to do the same. There is no double standard just because you're dumb.

>why would you want a repressed weirdo virgin as opposed to a normal, healthy girl that understands sex and can perform well?
Im gonna answer with respect cuz i kinda feel that you are asking from humility.
You are confusing the ability to have sex, and the seek of sex. High value HUMANS, are focused on chasing their goals, sex is a enjoyiable thing that enchances their life, and like all the things in their life is high quality.
Take it as drugs, you can do all you want, but you are a junkie. Its not about repressing the sex urges, is about using your frontal cortex bruh, you cant deny that sex with a person that you have an emotional connection with feels better than fucking a hot stranger. You are confusing being a sexual being, and having sex.
Not religion tho, marriage its about creating a dinasty, and we all are not kings or somethin like that. The high value people, dont think too much about sex. The thing here is not that the girl you like is a slut, is that you feel bad about yourself for liking a slut, and you should.
But remember, you are basically scum in humans standarts, so you should feel bad for being a scum, and not for having scum behavior (being a slut)

thank bro

you are like 17, fucked all the dudes that actually hitted on you, and now a dude thats out of your league for you being ugly you are butthurt, thinking that is about your body count. girl, those daddy issues...

>basic self control is the same as being unhealthily repressed
Why can libs only think in extremes? When people say "don't open yournlegs to every guy that asks", they are not somehow saying "Don't ever have sex slut, or you're whore trash", but I can see how you would confuse the two

ur hot id fuk you


A key that opens many lock is a great key. A lock that is opened by many keys is a shitty lock. That is a truism and will never, ever, change.

I want sex with the Futami twins

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this is gibberish from a logical standpoint. so many pre-imagined "facts". are you implying that a person can't have a full, enriched, ambitious life while also having an active sex life? again that somehow repressing your sexual urges makes you more successful, and not less? can you name any virgin millionaires or successful virgin artists of either gender?

your assumption is unfortunately based on a society that is itself based on classic christian values, while posing as being secular. if i have sex once a week to satisfy myself, does it matter if that sex is with only one person, or a different person every time? assuming of course that protection is used to reduce the rate of any infections or unwanted pregnancy. you're still laboring under this notion that sexual urges are somehow inherently wrong or sinful; even your assertion that "sex with a person you have an emotional connection with feels better" is illogical. emotion is one thing and sexual desire is another, for some people they go better together, for some they don't. there's still no actual logic behind your argument; you just seem to think that people who have a lot of sex are "scum". classic religion based brainwashing, that sex is in some way sinful and wrong unless performed under certain specific circumstances. fucking wake up man.

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the problem is that there are many right wingers that act exactly in those terms. excuse if my response doesn't fit with your own personal, more moderate and centered vision of sex, but i'm conversing with people that will happily and without remorse call any sort of non-virgin woman a slut, pretty much regardless of her circumstances. hard not to default to extreme views when that's what you're arguing against.

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>while also having an active sex life?
Dude, again, its not about having sex, is about fucking strangers. that means that anyone can get into your pants, you are worthless, man or woman. that man get a harder time trying to fuck is other discussion.
>somehow repressing your sexual urges makes you more successful
Its not about repressing, its about control, you can eat all you want, and you gonna be a fat fuck.
you are missing the point, its not sinful or wrong to have sex with lots of people, but it makes you a slut, get over it. Its like you tryna make a safe space for sluts. just be happy being a slut, you are the one that have the religion point of view that things are good or bad. Sex is a thing, not good or bad. fucking a lot with strangers make you a slut. no high value person will value you as a romantic partner, mostly cuz themselves are sluts, and got over it.

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They both look too young to be a mami

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imagine actually thinking this way in 2020

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Now which idol would you master

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The anal idol

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having sex with a lot of different people doesn't make you slut. that isn't what that word means idiot. cheating on your monogamous partner makes you a slut.

If a key opens many locks it's a master key
If a lock is opened by many keys it's a shit lock

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Read and shed your ignorance

right, but the question is why should people have to "control" (repress) their sexual urges? yeah, eating a lot of fatty and sugary food makes you fat, sure. but what actual, quantifiable negative effect does having sex with strangers have? why are we comparing these two things when one thing has an obvious negative outcome, and the other one doesn't aside from "uh that makes you a slut lmao"

fucking present an argument not based on slang or social norms.

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nothing on that page contradicts the point that was made jackass. "sexually promiscuous", "dirty", "immoral", "slatternly??" these are words that describe women that cheat on their men, not women that sleep with different people who know it isn't exclusive.

these are subjective arguments still, do better.

pro·mis·cu·ous (prə-mĭskyo͞o-əs)
1. Having casual sexual relations frequently with different partners; indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners.

Please use your reading skills a little more proactively. There's a reason we forced you to attend school as a child.

fair enough, but that still doesn't explain why being promiscuous is actually a bad thing. it's a moral judgement with no grounding in fact or logic.

Ladies, gentlemen, why so MAD?



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