Be me

>be me
>deploying in a few months
>realizing I don't have anything worth coming home to
should I just try and die over there?

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No never why die life could change for the better always keep on going soldier go out there and be someone

Nah, stay alive. You may appreciate life even more afterwards.

Marry a hooker and give her your SGLI

nah youll have a decent paycheck when you come back

the biggest fight is ahead of you man

Try to get a small wound or shot in the leg or something and then come back a hero.

Then you can get discount borgor and harass autists wearing fake uniforms for stolen valor.

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the most realistic option

Lol save money, invest after the recession, buy some garbage to fill the void

user, I don't know you, and you don't know me.

I've always appreciated men in uniform and the hard slogs they do. I'm just some faggot but there is a deep backstory. I don't really feel like going into it unless you want to hear it, but I'm here to support you however I can. Kik is good, if you want.

>Inb4 millions of "bootlicking faggot" comments

I feel you I would save up money then move to a good place in Mexico and find a nice Latin girl.

PS- Please don't die.

user, don't get married if you're in the military. That shit ruined my cousin who's now homeless because the bitch he married used him for money and cheated on him even after he survived an IED.

Thanks /b. I'm at least down to point of apathy instead of wishing for death now

>try to die
>blow your brains out in broad daylight

lol yes for fuck sake you're risking your life going to sandnigger land just for a paycheck

No man

You have to come back to the US to fight in the upcoming Civil War that will happen in like 4 years time

Just save your money then buy a home when you come back. Also get a dog, a dog will never cheat on you or leave you

Don't be a fucking tard. Do your job. Come back home safe. Ignore the shit and pass on what you learnt to those who will replace you.
Don't ever question it, just do it.

>should I just try and die over there?
No you retard, you'll just put other people's lives in danger and possibly get punished for doing stupid shit as opposed to actually dying. Then you'll end up a crippled, court-martialed retard with a dishonorable discharge and unable to get a decent job for the rest of your life.

how old are you, just save money and sit tight

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Nah brother, you got us to come back to

it would be badass if you were protection the US border. voluntarily going to somewhere like libya or yemen...fucking YIKES

This. We're heartless bastards but we care.

no. focus all your energy on being the best possible soldier out there. if you aren't fighting for your family or dreams fight for your country. maybe you'll become a top general one day.

I'm only 21

that's how I felt when I joined... Just say fk it and live "a" life... do w/e the fk you wanna do and if you get killed, you get killed, fk it. no point in going in there waiting to get killed, fk some sht up.

dude come on, come die at home not some fucking desert

Save your money and buy a house off base.

You have the GI bill which is basically free stuff for life, and first pick of most high paying jobs as a veteran.

Basically, come back and your life is true easy mode. Easier than women.

Give 110% percent, hard and salty, then go open contract. Its crazy.

That’s why you never see any homeless vets!

No, try to be a hero like David Bellavia so you can come home and crush mega pussy.

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I met a Ukrainian girl while overseas and she's been the best thing that ever happened to me. Help me with my depression and everything. Keep Faith man you might meet someone special probably not if you're going to the middle East with all those goat fuckers but you could save your money and travel when you get back

vietnam vets are different because there weren't as many benefits and vet status meant less back then. A lot less. You'd get denied for jobs, not first pick.

You never see a gulf war veteran homeless. Just stay off antidepressants and experimental mental health drugs, so you don't suicide.

>Just stay off antidepressants and experimental mental health drugs, so you don't suicide.

Fucking this. Refuse ALL SSRI's.

Find a way to stay over there as long as possible. You will make more and more untaxed and make $5k per paycheck.

I'm not OP, but I have a story you'll like. UK vet here

I'm not OP but I'm a UK vet, I've got good stories if you wanna listen?
Kik- bravo3018

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go be a fucking savage you fucking savage

Where are you deploying boot

where are you going bro? even MARSOC doesnt really have shit to do but field ops within the US.
is this just for attention?

he's probably 'deploying' to japan

be one of those nutjobs that goes on like 15 tours because hes too sickj in the head to handle anything else

No combat deployments going on this dude is a lying pog

Bro you've got the GI Bill to your name. Assuming you don't get mauled in a deployment (tm) you're lightyears ahead of your peers. Get out and go to school. Life will get better. Don't become another statistic.

fr. recon and raiders are dying to go and kill something. no way theyre sending some attentionseeking fag to whereeverthefuck

Nah, just become career military & work your way up the enlistment ranks. Get you 20 in, retire on a nice cushy pension & spend your middle age years banging hookers in Nevada, hitting the casinos.

Deploy, come home, get out, use your GI bill

remember if you go down you're risking your teammates lives

adding now. BigBadBearXX

Just die over here. Why inconvenience everyone by having to cart your body back overseas?

work at mcdonalds and marry a stripper/

Just kuwait

As someone who works for mortuary affairs at Dover (the place that brings all the bodies home from overseas)

Please don't. Every body I see and every heartbroken family we notify is a tragedy.

dude thats not a combat deployment stop being a dramatic little bitch. female supply boots are even sent there. youre fucking retarded

This. If you enlisted at 18 / 19, you'd be 38 by the time you get your 20 years in, around 48,000 a year pension, full free medical care, eligible for low cost on base housing....basically be able to sit on your ass, fuck prostitutes & play video games for the next 60 years of your life.

Lol how would you even die

Fucking military welfare queens


Cry more incel. While they're popping Viagra & banging 3 hot 19 yo hookers a day, you're sitting in mommas basement dry humping your waifu anime body pillow & crying yourself to sleep.

This is true.

My experience with post-deployment is that it was much better over there than here, because it felt so fulfilling. Then you come back and everyone feels like a stranger.

Kek! Got'em.

1) you trying to die with inevitably expose and compromise your fellow soldiers

2) You can find things out there that make life worth living even amongst death

3) If there is nothing for you back home at least you get to abuse the opiates you'll discover and adopt as a coping mechanism in afghanistan or iraq or maybe even iran

4) Spoils of War Waifu

5) Could be last crusader by end of war, who knows


for your freedumbs(tm)

hence why I said try. It would actually take a good amount of effort to die there

getting my head caught in the winch on a recovery mission sounds easiest

What unit faggot?

I’m an Infantry Lt.

nice try sir, I'm still going

on the one hand
on the other
>dying to what i assume, a sand nigger
think about it, i'd rather off myself than be killed by a sand nigger. again, assuming you are going to the middle east.

Fuck no. Milk that deployment for all you can, get out with $10k+, and get a real job in pipeline or CDL and make real money. I saved $9k and wasn't even trying in Norway.

That's obviously suicide. You'd have to be completely retarded to attempt such a thing.

t. corpsman who''s been on suicide calls and multiple vehicle recoveries.

don't die for israel

Never forget user

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why tf did this inspire me more than anything I've read so far?

Dont put your unit in danger because you want to die dickhead

fuck off op, you going to sit in kuwait in a nice comfy base and not do shit. You have a higher chance of dying back home then wherever your going

I can already imagine user sticking his leg out of cover and waving it around waiting to get shot

just fuck a foreign whore like your grandfather in vietnam

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I'd love to give you some uplifting comment, but I really suck at that.

What I can say though is that your battle buddies will sincerely appreciate you not being a suicidal fuck, because you'll put them all in danger if you are. Militaries are intricate machines, and they rely on all the parts working as intended, even if not smoothly. Don't get you squadmates killed because of your problems. Don't live for yourself. Live for them.

Ya know ya gotta rape at least one middle eastern over there right?

Serious question, do any of you who are deployed in the Middle East wonder what the fuck are you even doing there? Are you under any illusion that you are serving your country by doing so?

Agreed. I was in army for 12 years. Bought a home everywhere I PCSd. Now I have 4 rental properties (NOVA, sierra vista, Honolulu, savannah GA). Solid mailbox money.

You’re not supposed to say you’re deploying you dumb fuck faggot boot ass retard. We go over this every fucking year. Please die.

>be OP
>trick government into giving you kickass job
>get to shoot brown people without consequences or court
>get free healthcare for life
>if you stay for 20 years, you get pension big enough to retire on and not be broke for the rest of your life
>most of america loves you and thanks you for bravery even if you sit in a room at a computer all day
>room for advancement basically unlimited
>unlimited job security
>free college if you decide to go to one later on
>free housing
>free food
>get to play with guns all the time


Haha. “Boot” checked

not shilling but what I'm doing is
Put 10% to TSP
Put 200 to BTC Every 1st and 15th of the month
and 100 to LINK (same as above)
on coinbase or a crypto exchange
when I get out of the army im going to have
make it status

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