How the fuck does Sup Forums work??

How the fuck does Sup Forums work??

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It's an imageboard m00t stole off some nips

it doesn't

Judging by your shitpost, I would say you already have the hang of it.

Good to know.

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It doesn't.

*tips fedora*

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Or does it...?

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this is the correct answer

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*doubly tips fedora*

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White bread?

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OP is a faggot

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Nice cock daddy

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Y-y-you too

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Yes niglet

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this jig knows his roll

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I want to suck a big black cock

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More like this

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god i wish that was me

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Hail to the black masterrace!


It's just a simple 3 step process
>1. Shit on your bed
>2. Take picture of shit and post it on Sup Forums or some other shitty board
>3. Kill yourself (preferably on live stream so we can enjoy it)


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We're like a hive of killer bees, but instead of if one gets killed they all swarm, we genuinely need a legitimate reason to go after the killshot. Some examples include
>a woman willing to go full nude with timestamp as in the jenna jameson incident
>cruelty to animals, especially cats. Hey we have a fuckin day dedicated to them!
>gives undoubted proof of a legit happening that goals can be achieved. As in the drone strike done by Sup Forums
These are but a few examples done by the chan. Nothing is beyond our reach

I see

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Impressive, good sir!

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Not. 4chin is NEET.

Ooh I'm loving this 4 Chan. Having sort of a sexual awakening

Tenda just kill yourself no one loves you

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> Anonymous 01/17/20(Fri)21:16:14 No.818695242▶
>Not. 4chin is NEET.
> Anonymous 01/17/20(Fri)21:31:39 No.818695964▶
>Ooh I'm loving this 4 Chan. Having sort of a sexual awakening
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