(2004 - 2020)

15 years of internet (and chan) history gone.

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What happened

it goned


rip in pepperoni

That site goes down more than a Kardashian in an NBA locker room.

it's caput, and this time time for good. The archives exist, it's that the people in possession of them are about to get locked up...

what makes this one more significant than the other 10 times it's died

Isn't the first time ED has died, apparently current admin is in jail


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Fuck 'em.

The site is down RIP

Good. Kiwifarms next

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it's come back from the dead without "official" backups before, i guess we'll see if it does it again
bibanon might have copies too

N i c e

>admin in jail

what for?

hate speesh


Fuck.. I hope someone archived.

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Nothing site related. Forgery if you really care

He had child porn on the servers that only he could access! It leaked the Google database storing everything ever in every website ever accessed by any IP. CIA CAME AND BAM! MORGAN FREEMAN


Rip chrischans hand drawn porn artwork

Does anybody here have archives of basic Sup Forums-related pages from ED?

this. it will be back

Oy what’s all dis????

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fake and gay

confirmed fake. it's a publicity stunt, nothing more

This wouldn’t be the first time they’ve gone offline. I tried to access the site not too long ago (a couple years) and all that was available was the Internet Archive versions. Later they came back online again and I seem to remember since then it happened again (offline for a few months).

Tbh it just seems to me like the people running the site might not have enough money to properly maintain the service and/or they are running some shitty unstable backend. It probably should have been transferred to someone who can properly maintain it (like the guy who runs or something).

so what? those faggots could never maintain a stable site

it was a very funny site.

This, but F anyway. They had some funny articles.

Facts. This is all I care for