Are you in a sexual relationship?

>Are you in a sexual relationship?
>How often do you fap?

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>>Are you in a sexual relationship?
Yes, I have a "friend with benefits"
>>How often do you fap?
Two-three times a day.

>are you in a sexual relationship
>how often do you fap

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I haven't had sex in over a year. I jack it at least twice a day, & try to blow a load at least every day.

No, I fap probably 5 times a week.

>yes for four and a half years
>almost everyday still, have sex 1 - 2 times a week

>Are you in a sexual relationship?
Yes. Long term, long distance. We celebrated 10 years last week.
>How often do you fap?
2-4 times a day.

>in a relationship
>can only meet on weekends
>sex maybe 5-8 times a weekend
>fap every other day or so

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Yes married seven years, sex four to five times a week.
Jack it?
Yes, if I can't fall asleep after sex I usually go for round two by myself.

just wondering, did you meet them on tinder or irl

>>Are you in a sexual relationship?
No, I'm married
>>How often do you fap?
About once to twice a week

3-year relationship
Choke the bishop 2-3 times a week

I have 3-4 girls I sleep with regularly, I probably only jerk off 1-2 times a week

>>Are you in a sexual relationship?
Yes, sex about three times a week. Usually anal one night, fisting and toys another, and just regular old sex the other.
>>How often do you fap?
Usually once a week on my own. We usually fap together Saturday mornings...

no relation lol
fap 5 / 12 times a day

Fap every day. Twice more recently. Gf hips hurt I'd open to long.. angry I fap

not rlly day usualy its night

Been with my girl for 3 years her and her kid live with me, sex is really. Been fappin my whole life and enjoy it to much to stop. Every other day.

>are you in a sexual relationship
Not anymore :(
>how often do you fap
Depends. Lately I’ve been exceptionally horny so every 1 or 2 days. Other times I go weeks. It comes and goes.

I love her socks.

>Are you in a sexual relationship?
>How often do you fap?
3 times a week.

>No, I'm married

I guess every other day. Best when she lends a hand

I've got a friend with benefits thing going on with an ex-schoolmate. I masturbate pic related times

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