Praise Inari

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bump for deep throat

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yall keeping up with the shit going down in virginia?

Why would I be interested into the internal matters of an irrelevant country?

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cause big government getting their shit pushed in by average joe blow citizens is cool no matter what country it happens in

lol gay

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>t-the g-gubermint t-taking m-muh g-guns
Nazis btfo'd

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Furimus Yifficus!

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well, considering a persons right to self defense is granted to them by the creator(be it god, evolution or flying speggeti monster) not by any man or government of man id say taking muh guns is a pretty big no no. on top of that the laws in which the government is supposed to operate are being blatantly broken and ignored

when you or i break the law it is the government's place to pass down judgment and punishment but when the government breaks the laws that responsibility falls on the shoulders of the people and boy howdi has the government been a naughty bunch


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Lurking while I play monster hunter

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More Lola

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eh, you'd have to be merican to understand i suppose.

anything interesting happening in your part of this flying rock?

Too bad I waskn't planning on a lobotomy anytime soon

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Thank you. Op from the last thread that requested for his (my) gf

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Nice polar bear.

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Gf finally responded lol

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Cool. Although that one isn't from the comics I linked. I assure you that Judy looks far more appealing there (as seen in the covers).

Look at the second or third one (although it is a story, so should be "read" one after the other). If you're sending over mobile, be aware that the images are source quality for the second two, so really large. Should look good on a phone, but will probably resize to be small over an IM like that (?). Here's a page (at half resolution and smaller size, because Sup Forums won't let me post the full), nothing graphic exactly, but it should give an idea of the comic(s).

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>patreon sticker/text
ruined, can't fap

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50% again, from the second one (or third linked, rather). There's a lot of fucking in them, as Judy goes undercover for her job. I won't post anything too graphical anyway, since it's better seen in the right order.

You can easily run a batch task in photoshop to crop those out, if they actually bother you. Besides, it's only fair since you are getting the whole thing for free.

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Guns will be banned and there’s ultimately nothing retard rednecks can do about it

Rights are granted by governments, nothing else

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can't really do that with a gif, and no it's not fair, if somebody slapped a fucking business watermark on classic art it'd ruin it, even though i'm getting it for free.

People also said there wouldn't be a Revolutionary war, or a Civil war because most people didn't want it. Look how that turned out.

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>this seethes the nazis

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No, I was only referring to the ones I posted. If the watermark is obnoxiously placed, too bad. You can remove them from gifs too, actually. Same deal, just more work removing them from every frame.

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