Be me

>Be me
>Married 7 years
>Dead bed room
>Got couples therapy
>Worked some stuff out
>Took online sex survey to help spice up our lives
>Initially it worked great
>Tried some new things and had a lot of fun
>Wife suggested we retake survey with advanced options added
>Horny me happily agrees
>Me trying to be sneaky
>I clicked ‘Yes’ to every option on quiz so I could see everything wife picked
>Big mistake
>Turns out she wanted to try cuckolding
>MFW I just got sent a video of her sucking another mans dick

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Understanding that this is probably a fuck fetish lap, I'll play along - if this were an actual situation, you'd be better off packing your shit, filing for divorce and selling the house / giving her the option of buying out your half of the homes value.

*cuck fetish larp

I wish it was larp
And I love her to much to divorce her
I feel it’s my fault, she only did it because she thought it was something we both wanted

degenerate cuckhold is a degenerate. What a surprise

It's happened
Do the same
Lick some puss and get your cock sucked and send it to her
After that, She can have a say in the choice on whether your pathetic relationship is worth saving then.

Well, where's the video?

Also this

save the video for court, and get a divorce

I ain’t sharing it. I can’t even bare to open my messages to delete it

I’m as much to blame, as she was lead to believe I wanted it too

Maybe this could work

youre one way love is meaningless, its fake you cuck, throw out the bitch, fix your self youre a mess, and find a girl actually worth something

I'm not sorry for you OP

Why even bother coming here if you ain’t going to at least give us a screenshot

you deserve it

Did you bust a nut to it yet?

Don’t get me wrong, when we initially discussed it it was kinda a turn on. The we watched some cuckold porn together and fucked. But little did I know that not even a week later she would be sending me a video of her slurping down on a big black cock. I guess the fantasy greatly out weighed the reality.

He wasn't even getting pussy from his wife. What makes you think he's gonna go out and pull a rando??

Any remotely functional/healthy couple would talk about shit like this before actually doing it. If she thought you and her taking some quiz together was permission to go get some strange, then you 2 suck at communicating and prolly should get divorced or something.

Nope I seen two seconds of it and turned it off

Post the photo of gtfo

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We did talk about it and agreed the idea was kinda hot, but now that it happened I’m realising that it was only the idea that turned me on. The reality was horrible, thank god she made him wear a condom

I don’t think I’m ready to even look at my phone anytime soon

You should murder the both of them. If you don't, you'll always have to live with the fact that your less than a man

Bit extreme, no?

Ah, gotcha.
Sorry user, thanks for the cautionary tale.
Also post a photo or larp.

Nothing less than quads could make me post that video

Whatever. Stay a pathetic bitch.



Gib link to survey, cuck

Are you going to tell her that you don't like it and that you want it to stop?

Curious about the survey too. Bump

How long did you two date before marriage? How did you meet? What things would you do on dates? When did you first have sex? What kind of stuff would you talk about?

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Tell me you didn’t know the guy...


Yeah, we always review any new things after to see how we felt about them

Lots of car sex
My birthday
The weather

Nope I don’t think so

Fuck it roll



If this wasn't a gay LARP you should see if adultery is grounds to have the marriage annulled where you are
But since this is a gay LARP how about you send her a video of you sucking a dick too, faggot

Not a larp and not planning to split.
Just a bump in the road

Dude atleast your girl didn’t die in a car wreck 4 days ago

If any of this is true (which it's not) the worst part is you blaming yourself for your wife swallowing another cock. It would have been believable if you didn't mention nigger dick.

Well I did lead her to believe it was what I wanted, and deep down a part of me kinda did. But then seeing the results I regretted it

Pussy. Start fucking other women.

There’s a lot of Jew/Christian cope out there but the reality is that humans are not monogamous animals and especially not lifetime monogamous animals. Lifetime monogamous marriage is an unsustainable construct that requires an oppressive religious and legal structure to persist, and the problems people continue to experience with the decline of this religious and legal structure is high divorce rates, infidelity, apathetic spouses, etc, because there’s still some expectation of marriage and monogamy in the cultural zeitgeist while the system that actually made such possible is extinct.
Stop expecting monogamy. Stop trying to be monogamous. If you love someone, stick around with eachother for as long as you love eachother, then leave when you don’t.

not gonna fucking lie, just talk to her the next time u see her, and tell her that you regret what you said and would like her to stop seeing other men. Because you find it depressing. Just talk to her

That’s the plan

You're in too deep if this isn't a larp. It's kinda like tax withholding's, you have to retain some love for your own self in case it turns out that your chick just isn't worth it. You should *NEVER* be able to honestly say to yourself that you love her too much to divorce her. That's no way to live.

Dubs of truth. You have kids? I’m in a dead bedroom also but I have 4 kids. I have not decided if I’m going to not have sex again.