Hunger Games Thread: Banana Smoothie and Seafood Galore Edition!

Hunger Games Thread: Banana Smoothie and Seafood Galore Edition!

24 tributes.

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A giant with a rock.

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Jim Harbaugh

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Space herpes

Gonna try out Andre and maybe a couple other new tributes, see how they feel.

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Soul Reaper

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Not to offend, but I really hope that's not the tribute I have to make a wincard for, good lord

Carlos Ramon

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dragon cunt

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I went off on a 6 degrees style of searches today and wound up with some random stuff..

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Divine Cat

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Terra's the closest thing I ever had to a cartoon crush, so I'm all for it

Best meme

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Shego was mine

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Der Coomer

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I might run her for awhile. Always thought she was cool. Downloaded like a dozen pics trying to find which rendition of her I like best.

Fat wojak

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Jet bean

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soy face

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A Retarded cat

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Bananic the Applehog

Is he an INVISIBLE applehog?


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He was a new IP so if he gets a pic in drop stimpy and add applehog.

He'll make 24 if he joins

Ducke detective(s)

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Only if he's in daylight

Here is our shitty apple hog

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Oh ya I didn't factor in hunger games emblem in OP in count
But now there's ducks.

We'll begin shortly!

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Can't wait to see who dies from space herpes.

Draconian Dignitary

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܂Goodluck Megumi!
Swap Divine Cat for

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Here we go!

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ready let's do this
i call dibs

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Good luck

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But you just got here, Jet!

>Imagine preferring gold to tooth decay

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What's the game theme?


I’m late damnit


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Dang, late again.

Hopefully I can catch the next one

Good luck to my waifus

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Eh its early. I think the first game of the evening so there should be more.

Oh shit it's jet bean

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You know its funny.
I imagine Rawlings being so conceited and having zero friends because he's an insufferable cunt that he would actually show up to every hunger thread on a Friday night and post endless pictures of himself.
Like in my mind you actually are rawlings with nothing to do in Vegas tonight.

Dude that would be based as fuck

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hm, makes me wonder if other big names browse Sup Forums

I don't know if I'm a fan of G rated hunger games.

What other big name browses /hg/

It's okay Richard, you'll always be cool to me

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We'll there's the Danny devito timestamp, as well as others that have been suspected.
I wouldn't be surprised if Barron Trump is the Megumi poster...


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I just imagined Soul Reaper hanging his head and with a gruff, demonic voice saying "b-but mom!!" as he slowly shuffles out of a preschool styled daycare filled with toys

Aww damn. Guess I'll have to keep playing with sepace herpes.
This really wasn't the right format to be humorous with it anyways.

I mean heck, they may as well all be wearing diapers and sucking pacifiers

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I think this one is worse than mexican space war.


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I agree, but it's definitely the first time I've ever used it, so that's kinda neat

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Only a few left; any early predictions!?

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Thanks duckes

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Don't wanna say it, but ducks. Too bad Bananic sacrificed himself to save everyone else from Space herpes

Do what you must I have already won

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Its funny to see a fresh version.
I was entertained by Mexican space war and this one.
But definitely not one to use every night.

Is anybody else getting the captcha of the wires on the roof of the google car and still clicking it for motorcycle and getting a pass fr it?
I wonder how long it will take the AI to reconfigure itself over my programming.

my prediction's is that they're all gonna have fun

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Final bets! We're down to the last remaining tributes!

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You welcome quack!

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Had too much of a good time apparently.
Lol no

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i blame the pudding princess
ok my real bet's on the hellcat

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If it were really me I would post better pictures of myself.

Vegas? I see all those places The Count goes to find cars, maybe I can get some too

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Wait, I'm dumb. That WAS the last slide.

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Oh, I see what happened--I skipped slide 12 by accident.



So close quack!

Thanks for hosting OP!

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Welp, minor blunder on my part.

Regardless, congrats to our winner, Andreino!

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RIP Orinrin
Thanks for hosting

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Grats Andreino and thanks for the game Vex

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you whaT
congrats to andre and thanks for hosting vex

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Oh... well ggs.
thanks for the host

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I'm honestly surprised they don't have corroboration episodes.

Small fix to the wincard so the text looks a lil less harsh on the eyes; congrats again!

Thanks for playing, everyone!

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Thanks for hosting vex.
You gonna run another one later?
I'm still waiting for "space herpes kills Richard Rawlings".

I have a crossover episode with the Property Brothers, does that count?

Since The Count works for another network, not sure we can ever meet up. But I bet I could do something with that dumpy British guy who looks like Ricky Gervais

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Aaaand we've reached that point where Vex starts having to edit each wincard 3 times because he lacks stylish intuition

Final edit tho I promise

Possibly; I need to shower and trim my nails first

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Hey, remember that time I said I wasn't going to edit that one wincard anymore? Hahaaaa, good times right?

Yeah I'll stop before I get banned for image spamming now.

It's so hard to please myself sometimes aaa

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Ya after I posted I realized it was probably a network issue otherwise it would have already happened.

I think an episode on Cops would be cool, especially in tat stingray. Its an easy show to get on (I've been recorded for it) and would require zero planning. Just rob a liquor store, get on I8 and head east as fast as you can.

>so hard to please myself sometimes