At what age did you realize that you'll never be Rich, Famous...

At what age did you realize that you'll never be Rich, Famous, or achieve anything great life and that you're a piece of shit.

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This year actually. Age 27. Manual labor job in a small town. No gf, no kids. Not sure what to do

Op here.

24, manual labor job, no gf, no kids everyone I know that I was friends with are making it big in life.

Yup. Same. It’s rough. I’ve got no problem with no fame though. Some better money and a girl by my side would be nice. The town I live in only has fucking kids who have kids. Sure as shit not raising children that aren’t mind.

I was much older than you faggots when I realized I had peaked and anything like fame or riches would never be in the cards for me. Now I just want to retire early and fuck off to the southwest and make friends with the crows because people are shit.

I'm 25, I do mixed martial arts, sing and play guitar, have a job that guarantees 6 figures, and have a pretty beautiful girlfriend.

Insanely depressed since 18. But realized it was absolutely NEVER going to get better at 30. 13-17 was absolutely fucking based for a lot of reasons. Never getting that energy back and also feel like a dipshit for having peaked so early. Probably an hero soon enough.

OMG guys, I don't have a house on cribs or 5mil instagram followers or anything.
I should just kms

Move out of the styx, fellas.

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age 8 i was writing "LIFE SUCKS" over and over into a notepad
early teens i was kind of manic and obsessively tried to create a profitable ebusiness
fully realized i'm human garbage by about 20

Trigger disipline ples

i was born not breathing
i'm mentally retarded and physically disabled
it's tough b lol

Post the rest of these

Trump voter

Isn't that just an excuse for lazy people?

@ age 69 when i found out about Uncle's life..........

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Can you deranged lunatics go 5 minutes without chimping out over trump? I'm so fucking tired of hearing you fags cry about him that I actually want to vote for him now just to piss you bloggers off more.

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Wow poor you. I'm the son of 2 meth heads my dads been in and out of jail for as long as I can remember, hell he was in jail when I graduated highschool (first in my family btw) was too poor to go to college so I just found a labor job in town and I worked my ass off and now 5 years later I work for the same company doing lean work for the plant I started in and the 4 plants close by. If you work hard people will notice your efforts but if you keep that mentality dont expect to get far in life

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Its great that as a kid you dreamed of doing lean work for the plants. You made it.

when i had to move in with my father to make sure he wouldnt die from being an alcoholic when i was 11, now 15 years later and its still the same shit different days with bills that require me to pay or i die from jail

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At 23, I earn over $150k in tech, have published research, and have spoken at several regional conferences. Used to be badly autistic, but studied how to behave like a normal person, now people tell me they wouldn't have known when I disclose it to them. Have happy social life, lots of dinner parties with friends, great relationships with family. Fucked a decent looking chick without paying to prove to myself that I could.

Sure I'm obese and that's not going to change, sure I will probably be single until my 30's, but my life is good.

I'll never have a 9 digit net worth. I'll never be mainstream famous outside of my field. But I'll have earned over a million dollars before I'm 30, and will reach a net worth that's equivalent to an inflation-adjusted-for-today's 8 digits.

That may not be rich, but I'm having an amazing life, and it will continue to be genuinely enjoyable short of some freak accident where I lose my vision or get a severe brain injury or something like that.

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would you give it all up to not be obese?

34 and still haven't. although i dont care about any of those things anymore

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Mmmm...I would say early 40s.

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sounds like you have some issues my man

2 1/2 years old. I was in denial for 1/2 year.

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I'm contributing 19k a year to my retirement account. I'm going to die there's that

>At what age did you realize that you'll never be Rich, Famous, or achieve anything great life and that you're a piece of shit.

At the age when I didn't let Capitalism dictate my sense of self-worth, when I realized that mass approval is bad news and when being exclusive means being anti-social, synical and often times sarcastic with a hint of pessimism as a self-sustaining emotional diet that doesn't required social validation or materialism coupled with common-place pandering and self-esteem pan-handling.