Good evening Sup Forums. I’m bored

Good evening Sup Forums. I’m bored

Ask me anything

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No question but hot damn you big

>Ask me anything
how gay are you?

Are you trapped in a small town?

Why are asian bois so jealous of white men?

That’s a trick question, nice try user

Mmmmm ya I guess you can say it’s a small town

I assume it’s because of white people making Asians build the railroad

Can you tribute her?

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Tell me why.

>That’s a trick question, nice try user
ok... so anyways, how big is that thing?

She likes black dick lol

It’s 7 inches long and a little over 6 inches in girth

Hi penis, how did you type this message? Do you have your own phone/computer or do you use someone else's? What's being a penis like? If could be any other body part what would you be? Thanks for answering these questions, penis.

how many assholes have you breached with that?

I type one letter at a time, nothing hard except me of course. I own a desktop after being a penis model for 2 years. I also do a side job of molding myself for dildos. Being a penis is ok. On cold days I’m smaller than usual but I can get pretty tall. A body part I want to be? I think being ahead would be cool.

Bonus points if you get the pun

Ya? How do you know

0 man... I have never done anal. Girls are afraid -_-

so what's the point of having that monster then?

Thankfully anal is not the only thing I can do with a woman

She’s had black bfs before and has a new one now. Let’s see a your cock on her face

Idk you sounded kinda demanding there.

what would you say if your white guy friend asked to worship your cock while wearing panties, just for his pleasure? would you do it

Here have this pic of her ass as an apology

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Why are you black?

Nice dubs. He can sit in and watch me fuck another girl cause that’s what friends are for

The damn sun

Why am I so attracted to cocks like yours when I do coke but not sober?

how many girls have you raped?

would you let him blow you?

Does god trap you in a small town for being black?

Cause the coke unlocks your true feelings

I wouldn’t say I’m trapped here, here by choice

Bump tribs

really? have you been in jail?

>here by choice
is it racist out there?


need to find some bussy if you want ez anal

wwyd to her?

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Lemme ask you this, can you trib this girl please? Plssss?

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I hate niggers

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Pls user

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