Ask someone who probably got a Burger King employee fired last night anything

Ask someone who probably got a Burger King employee fired last night anything.

I went to the drive-through near closing time and ordered whoppers for my friend and I. I handed the middle aged Hispanic lady a $20 bill and when she went to give me my change I softly whispered "keep it." I shook my head and lifted my eyebrows to reassure her I was serious. I took the bag from her, parked my car and went into the restaurant.

I asked for the manager and told her that the woman at the window scammed me of my change. She was brought over and of course outright denied it. I fucked her over because she couldn't admit that I said keep the change because it's still a fireable offense. The manager apologized profusely and gave me my change.

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They probably just laughed about how much of a faggot pos you were after you left


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You're really an asshole. Aren't you?

Trying to hard to be copypasta......2020

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Did she reject you and your nuggie loving ass?

Oh yeah, and then everyone clapped right OP? This is just an edgy reddit post.

why go to burger king when home made burgers are better and cheaper?

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Couldn't you have done this without saying "keep it", then when you went to complain, get more change back?
You're an idiot that missed a good opportunity to make an extra $10.

>ITT. Edgy white bitch gets an innocent woman fired because chad would think shes cool for it, makes a reddit-tier post

You give justification to a white genocide. You and people like you are the reasons why white people get shot in black neighborhoods and the media hates us. Eat glass fucktard.

I didn't ask anything yet you told me shit I don't care about.

Ah yes. Being a dick for no reason. How brave and valiant you are, OP.

I call bullshit. Even back in 07 and 08, when I worked fast food, we were told to inform management as soon as we were given tips/gratuities. Either OP is lying(probable), or she's a dumb bitch.

>white bitch
It's obviously a Latino skin tone

you're trying too hard

lol i made this god awful copypasta in 2013/2014 while i was "high" on dxm

and then everybody clapped

I worked at Burger King and I hated that establishment but you didn't fuck over a faceless corporation!

You ruined someone's life.

You got them fired.

And for that you should be ashamed.

I wish I had Rick's portal gun or some other fictional tool to find you and teach you a lesson.

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dont flatter yourself, retard

thats a piss poor attempt at being diabolical. and no you wouldnt of even been able to get a fast food worker fired

Imagine thinking this made you clever. If you actually did it you're refried shit, if you didn't you're an edgy teenager. Either way you're a loser.

got whoppers for my friend and me*

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