Me and my gf are currently living in different countries...

Me and my gf are currently living in different countries. I have been trying to convince her to have sex with my best friend which she did for the first time this evening. I was watching through Skype.


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Post nudes or gtfo

Did it crush your soul watching yourself become a cuck in the reflection of your black mirror?

Haha no it was ok

Why are you a worthless cuck bitch

Hah because its fun

are you guys still together? is she turned on by you watching? is he bigger than you or better at fucking?

Well... it happened just some hours ago so were still together haha. She told me she liked it but was worried if I was jealous.

I would day he was about my size and my skills of banging.

you think she's gonna hookup with him without telling you now?

did she use q condom

No, shes very clingy and wouldnt do that to me.

No, shes on the pill.

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did she enjoy getting creampied? was he really rough with her? did they kiss a lot?

got any vids or caps of the sex. blur the faces out if youre paranoid

bump for more hot details

Did he used all her holes? Did she moan hard?

Nah I didnt want him to cum in her so he came in her mouth and on her face.

Yes, they kissed alot. A little bit too much for my taste haha

He only used her mouth and banged her. No anal. She seemed to like it.

shouldve let him cum in her and claim her pussy, wouldve made it much hotter

was he rough?

who has the bigger dick, you or your friend? how big is yours, and how big is his?

He took her pretty good from behind

I am bigger. He was longer though but thinner.

Hot, did you like watching her a facial from another guy. Next time let him use her ass. Did you put any limits?

Any dirty talk? Degrading her?

No, I told him to do what he wanted to do.

Not so much. Calling her a slut a little bit but not much more

post pics of their sex or her ass

is she going to fuck him regularly now? how many people has she fucked, and how many have you fucked?

We will see. He was her second guy. She is my fifth lol

So dipshit she's clingy. She's going to not be clingy now with the guy she just fucked? What's your logic there bud?