Loli Thread: Loli x Adult edition

Loli Thread: Loli x Adult edition.
extra points for wholesome pics like pic related

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the fuck?

Jehy escaped anime world

wickr lolibutts11 if you want to chat :)

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I want to cuddle with a cute little girl

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it's dead jim

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tbh same

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Anybody have some cunny in their collection that is a little bit older? Like middle school age

Hol up

Girls in white stockings make me diamonds.

Not really, it's either titty monsters or tinies

Damn you got me

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>middle school?

So do you like old hags and used goods?

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this wasn't worth your time

Hidden loli server
.gg/ ironic

>you can drag and drop onto the browse button
This changes everything

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oppai loli are still loli, infidel

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transformation is a shit fetish

Come on man. You never heard of hebephilia?

Saw it, didn't want to start a rumble.

omg a real life loli O_O

Even transforming a woman into a loli?

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take your pick

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Unironically all of them.

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i'm okay with this

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good 'ole molestation

How is pedophilia "wholesome"



Yes and its fucking disgusting.

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This shit should go away

Babyfuck is not awright.

Upper limit is OK, but I'd put lower around six.

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Oh yes. Little Jessica

amos yee took over the thread

Finally some good stuff

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hanako san?

6 year olds are hot

Anyone know any other Matrix rooms besides for lolis?

Also everyone should join Matrix (

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damn filesize

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Is it legal for an adult to engage in a romantic relationship with a child if there is no sexual contact? Asking for a friend

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