Be me

>Be me
>19 in a few days
>4'4" - 4'5" female
>Only people to like me are pedos
>Guys in my area are 5'10" minimum

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What area? Hmu on Kik shanedup1323

timestamped pic standing next to something for scale or gtfo

Timestamped pic of dick next to ruler or gtfo

>overly emotional response
>uses sexual shaming techniques "have sex incel"
You've definitely proved you're female.
Now prove you're that short

Unironically 5'5" manlet

Short girls are the only thing that keeps me alive tbh

>Is butthurt getting called incel.
>thinks someone telling them to show their dick is a defense mechanism.
We get it you played magic in high school. Now prove your dick is small.

When I didn't even call you a incel, but you jumped straight to it. OOF

>We get it you played magic in high school
I played D&D in high school. I play Magic as an adult.
God, you're stupid.

If it counts for anything OP I dated a girl that was 4'10 and I'm 6'4 and our heights weren't a problem at all. Nobody cares about your height as much as you do

you small and skinny or you curvy?

>I played D&D in high school. I play Magic as an adult. God, you're stupid.
You got that high wipe huh?

>19 in a few days
Poor thing
>4'4" - 4'5" female
Buy pepper spray kid.

>Only people to like me are pedos
Thats sexuality for you, if you were another color then you would have people with a fever for you just like you'll get guys into you just because you are small..

>Guys in my area are 5'10" minimum
so you mean 5'8 ?


My tallest women was 6'2 and smallest 4'9 and the only thing i can say about this is: all womens are the same heigth when they are laying on a bed.

just enjoy being small, there is nothing else you can do about it.

>all womens are the same heigth when they are laying on a bed
Some are taller than others.

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Yeah not only am I the height of a 8 year old, I weigh about 53 pounds. I have a baby face. I get confused for being a child doing simple daily adult tasks. So it's a little different then simply being short and looking like a regular adult just being short.


eat bitch

Wear makeup or something idfk

I eat until I get full, and as a result im a healthy weight. Try it sometime! Oink oink!

>Wear makeup or something idfk
Yeah because that's how it works

post body

Hi! Few things to start off with =]
1. Yes I added you because you're a female gamer, 'tis an awesome thing to see!
2. I'm Brian.
3. Don't be intimidated, but I'm not a stereotypical guy. If anything, I'll be the one in the kitchen =D

so does she look older with makeup on or does she still look like a child?

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Show that body shorty, I would turn you into my submissive

I had a girl come over one day. The second she walked inside, I threw her on the couch, took off her shoes, and put on her favorite TV show so she could relax and feel comfortable. Then I forced her to the kitchen, shoved her over the dining table, and cooked a nice candle-light dinner. Then I finally carried her to my bedroom, ripped off her clothes, and gave her a new set of pajamas so she could sleep comfortably.

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Wouldn't say that to my face.

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OH YOU hahah.

my best friend is 4'9 and when we were younger we LOVED doing stuff like
(spot her on rollerblades late in the evening)
''I'm not supposed to talk to strangers who offer me candy''
''i dont have candies, only drugs''
(she then proceed to enter the car)

Seriously, your heigt is not gonna change so just deal with it, dress how you want and learn to punch and kick balls

what kinda dumb shit is that? if the cut off for womanlet is 5'7 whats the cut off for manlet?

the cut off for womanlet is 5'5 no debate

Im not complaining about my height or appearance it's cute as shit, the problem is the pedophiles

That made me genuinely laugh lol

Also im pretty sure every short person makes jokes like that, I know I have.

proof that EVERYONE know about the fact that small womans will have pedoes around her.

thats what i mean, punch and kick balls and ''train'' them to act like decent human beings.
also , being that small you should check yourself early for stuff like fybromialgia or whatever its called in english.

Find the least worse of them and make a life with it.
when you will be 30 and that babyface will be gone, you'll be running to men in their 40-50 to feel young and irresistible for your body again.

sex is just a big joke where the most daring always win just because everyone else always fold thinking they dont have anything to offer.

Post face, there's a difference between "looks young for her age" and "looks like a literal child"

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fybromialgia? I get english isn't your first language but really? are you that stupid?

I don't want to punch and kick pedos in the balls, 1. thats assault, 2. they would legally be allowed to assault me back. 3. they would probably jizz their pants.

Heres a idea how about I dont talk to a pedo?

Having a baby face means I'll still look young for my age when I am 30. That's how it works unless I smoke or drink heavily.

I didn't mention sex, but you sure did!

yes, but see, it is the nature of the FEEEEEEMOID to be over-emotional and irrational!

Why would I watch you're little practically nonexistent channel, when theres hundreds of others that are actually popular, and entertaining to watch?

You are describing a incel.

shut the fuck up

Considering it's my post, how about you shut the fuck up. Also 4/5 of the things I mentioned were common sense and the other 1/5 takes .05 seconds to google!



Back peddling at its finest.

LARP. Shitty one at that.

I'm confused tbh

A chick makes a thread

A spergy incel faggot immediately jumps to his ridiculous, mentally ill conclusions, and acts emotional and irrational over nothing, which is what they constantly accuse women of doing by default

thus, shit is hilarious because incels are hilarious when they aren't hitting somebody with a van

that wasnt me you just sound like midget cunt

You are literally Sup Forums commentating, I'd say do it for work on something people actually care about, but considering you're on here. Gonna have to guess ordering chicken tendies is mentally draining for you.

If you're that easily butt hurt, seek mental help immediately before you shoot up a school.

When you have no friends so larp is just role play to you LOL

you came in here mad you dumb bitch. look at your replies to everything. you didnt even follow the protocol gtfoh

Awe, are you big mad? You're butt hurt by the replies so that's on you buddy. lmfaooo gtfo of my post h c:

Get over it stupid bitch. You want dick then get what is offered or be a prudish shit who does nothing but complain that life isn't good enough and eventually kill yourself. More than likely fail at killing yourself, too.

LOL Someone is self reflecting. Me complaining about pedos somehow means that im a prude for not taking to them, im guessing you legally have to introduce yourself to neighbors.

lmao youre the mad one like i said look at your posts. you started a thread with some mad bitch energy and as i said before you didnt follow the protocol. there are rules here

Repeating literally the exact same thing plus another "no youre mad not me waaa" wow so impressive BIG BRAIN

you cant way wieght that little and be that yall unless you look like a piece of wood

Almost no marriage-material guys are going to care if you're short unless you're literally incapable of giving birth, or if you're also fat.

Cry more you vapid bitch.

Yeah because youve seen so many people my height and weight to go off of right?

You must be mentally retarded. No was are you this stupid.

they always do

Lol replying to your own post? like we all can't see. Someones to sensative for Sup Forums.

lol youre mad dude so angry. this isnt a contest of intellects i didnt claim to be smart. post timestamp or gtfoh

>this isnt a contest of intellects
just because you feel stupid compared to everyone else doesnt mean theyre trying to compete with you. The earth revolves around the sun, not you bud.

No girls on here you fucking liar.

that wasnt my post you paranoid midget clown

everyone can see, but okay

Get a tattoo on your face or neck. "Cumslut" "Sick Girl" or "Fuckmeat" ought to do it.

youre the one bringing up brains mad bitch. timestamp

if thats what you want to believe ok

Since were sharing our opinions with people who could give a fuck less, you should get incel tattooed on your neck, but no one would be able to see it under the neckbeard.

timestamp a picture of your micro penis, and i swear to you I will bud.

im not the one claiming to be a midget cunt. TIMESTAMP

Stfu you fucking niggers

I told you what would make me do it. TIMESTAMP

I didn't ask and I don't care. TIMESTAMP

Everyone should know OP never delivers. Give it up already.

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>Body says 6
>Face says cool wine aunt
I dunno, man.

>I didn't ask and I don't care.
Argues with me and BEGS for a picture of me.
You are so so so sensitive. Imagine being old enough to use Sup Forums, but not old enough to understand the word no lol.

Like I said I'll post a picture, when I start seeing dicks.

I am female,18, 5'6 and 104 pounds we out here average and thriving

tits or gtfo

maybe, maybe
im liking this whole teasing all of Sup Forums thing this girl did

They really are all dumb as a box of rocks, and easily triggered. So sensitive.

Well i'm not replying to you micro penis neck beards anymore.

I’m 4”11” and I’m a man should I kill myself

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imagine using the site and not knowing the rules.its not even about the picture at this point. its the principle. like why are you even here? whats the point of posting just to be a bitch?

imagine not seeing the obvious troll

Man, this thread was a fucking joke and not even a good one. I'm disappointed.

dont come back here

why was is he/she or whatever it is holding on to it so long then? shits annoying af.

I'm honestly confused what I'm even being made fun of for, here. an incel, because I made fun of incels? Odd, 'cause they seem to be the only people who don't believe they are hilarious.

>Man, this thread was a fucking joke and not even a good one. I'm disappointed.
That's female comedy for you.

>People who like me are pedos
So they just openly say this when hitting on you, or??

How the fuck do you only weigh 56lbs? I curl more than you.

Do you have cancer or something?

Also, learn to limit your expectations, not self secure man would ever want to breed with a womanlet. Your genes are shit.

seriously pathetic what Sup Forums has become

these kids try so much harder to be edgy and tough, but they're even whinier little cucks than my ilk were when we were kids

back in my day this thread woulda been three posts long because once the timestamp was not produced nobody would feed the troll. but back then I guess there was actually content on this board.

Honestly some bitch casually dunking a bunch of underageb& is the highlight of Sup Forums tonight and that's sad but tbh i ain't mad

shes gone

shut the fuck up boomer