I'm 6'6. How does it feel to know I could beat the shit out of you?

I'm 6'6. How does it feel to know I could beat the shit out of you?

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In also 6 6 but im not an over weight sperg. I would not be allowed to beat you up because hitting mentally and physically retarded people is wrong

Lmao I'm 5'6 and I know that I could take you maybe with a cheap shot but if I can beat up buff niggers I'm sure i could really hurt you inbreed

6’6 of flab. 2 ways to defeating you. 1. I’d just shoot you, cause murica fuck yea. 2. Just dance around you till you get tired, tards like you throw hay makers in hopes of hitting someone

With those skinny arms and poor center of balance?

I'm 5'8. How does it feel im as tall as Kanye?

Are you the Diabetes Ranger?

Maybe you could.

I feel indifferent about it.

Lol I know right that gut is so demanding its sucking out the fat from his arms

How does it feel to know you could take my dick up your ass?

does it really matter?
also i think it's a bait

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>fat neckbeard that can't even stand up straight for 30 minutes
Yes, yes. I'm scared as suck.
Pic related is me

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How does it feel to be the biggest gayest and most diabetic retard in this thread

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I'd just walk backwards and your diabetic ass would just collapse from exhaustion trying to touch me fagboy

Shit b8

You're built like a potato with toothpicks as limbs. You could only beat you wife, and your daughter before you molest her. Nobody would be scared of you faggot.

Holy. Fuck. The size of those arms, damn..

I'm 5'11 at 173lbs and have arms that are twice the size of that.

Yes, I'm a /fit/fag.

As far as I'm concerned being over 6 feet doesn't make you bulletproof.

You fat obese dirty hillbilly stop eating so much McDonald’s and go take a shower

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Op. everybody’s roasting you and they’re saying that you’re fat takeoff your shirt flex on them and prove them wrong

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Tall ≠ Strong


Ignore these fucks and show pics of your dick and ass already

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Weight classes exist for a reason

Jesus, do a pushup, you pencil-armed fat fuck

Can I rip your stickers off your shirt and touch your nips

you cant do shit, I can speed walk

6'6 makes you a 11% larger target than the US average. You're easier to find, hit or shoot. You aren't muscular enough that you can easily overpower someone with a similar muscle build that's only a bit smaller than you (ie within 6 inches). The only advantage is height, but again, it's not much of one.

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