What are some movies about male friendships? Preferably with as little female characters as absolutely possible

What are some movies about male friendships? Preferably with as little female characters as absolutely possible.

hard mode: No dry war films

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Dead Poets society?

also thank you for helping me realize why I love that movie despite its hokeyness: no women.

I love Dead Poets Society, my favorite part is honestly just seeing their after school activities where they're just fencing and stuff. unfortunately I have already seen it though.

agreed. the scenes of them just hanging out are by far the best of the movie.

We need more comfy movies like that.

good will hunting isn't exactly about male friendship and it involves a woman but I'd still suggest it.

Definitely not my type of movie but thank you for the suggestion.

Stand By Me. All male cast.

Die Hard.
Good Will Hunting.
Rumble Fish.

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Darjeeling Limited maybe. If you go for those twee kinda things. Make sure to watch the short that goes with it first. Hotel Chevalier. the whole movie is kind of about escaping/running from women so actually, now that I think about it, it might not be what you want lol.

The movie of the nigga and the wheelchair guy, I don't remember the name :( but it's a great movie!

Die hard is basically a war film. Predator to but with aliens. That whole 'extra macho' genre never really appealed to me. It's very dry, it doesn't tend to allow its self to have fun.

Isn't Brokeback mountain the one you're looking for, OP?

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Just because you can't watch a movie with a male cast without thinking gay thoughts doesn't mean the rest of the world feels that way.

Intouchables, try this OP!

The Sandlot

Die hard is more than that. At the time Bruce had only been cast as a flimsy mashed potato romantic sitcom television star. This was his debut as an "action hero". Many people summarize the film as a love story between Bruce's character and the cop who first arrives on the scene.

Predator may not be your cup of tea, but it meets the post criteria in a sense.

Hook n baited.

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Stand by Me

I've heard of this one. I have it downloaded, I just prefer my films to be on the fun side. I know the Maze Runner is shit, but I like the fun sci fi elements and its not dry approach to story telling.

When I look at cast images it just looks like it's going to be super macho. It's great that people like those films, I'm just looking for things on the more fun side.

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Are you trolling me? I'm not sure what's more fun than Die Hard.

In Bruges
Shawshank Redemption
The Longest Yard

I'm certain there's more but I'm really tired and I did my best.

Brian's song

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Cinema Paradiso
The Bucket List
Midnight Cowboy

>What are some movies about male friendships? Preferably with as little female characters as absolutely possible.

War movies.

It takes a death threat for most males to scrounge up a few friendship crumbs and slops out of the cold, dead, vile that is their heart.

Go watch some Action movies were the male character flies solo like a real man you faggot. Rambo, Jason Statham, Arnold, Wesley Snipes....they all flew solo.

Only beta-house bred faggots need "friends".

Ever seen domesticated dogs? Ever seen a wolf pack. Only one leader per pack. Only lone, sole omegas set apart. The rest are betas. Just like in society.

Women want the house with the backyard, the living room with the Plasma/LCD t.v., and the husband with the ring; but they don't realize that their one-true love would put them on hold and on the back burner for their boss, the priest, the rpesident, the music artist, and like 20 other men that they "admire" because it is the nature of the beta male to be submissive to multiple men...like a prostitute.

And this is an objective, universal, biological truth.

Also, you are a faggot if you are looking for "male friendship" in movies.

Maybe we have different definitions of fun. I haven't seen die hard so maybe I am wrong, but it always seemed like one of those serious male action films, a bit on the dry side. These films are immensely popular, I just tend to enjoy things that have a fantastical element, horror and scifi type stuff, where things aren't very realistic. Again, I'd reference the maze runner, its just about a group of boys who wake up surrounded by a giant maze and there is insect robots attacking them.

It's stupid, but what the hell so am I. I think it being aimed at teenagers helps.

All that being said, I do love the outsiders, it is a comfy film.

Gran Torino

Go outside.

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Mostly male cast

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I was thinking of this. Used to watch it all the time.

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You realise that without the betas the alpha dies too right?
And also that this comparison is flawed as humans are not wolves, they are apes. We evolved different.

Maybe use something else as your basis for you incel lifestyle.

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Came here to say this.

The bucket list

Isnt this all about Sarah Connor?

What's this about?

In bruges is a good one, still has women in it tho..

Tango&Cash. We talking Kurt Russell and Stallone in their prime. Fucking based 80s movie.

There's focus on john and the t-1000's friendship too
A guy gets diagnosed with cancer and his friend his is biggest helper

Not a single woman in the film. One of the best movies of this age.

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Fuck i meant t-800

Yeah but the point of this thread are movies that have very little to do with women.

That's too frequent a plot, always a bummer, not really fun or adventurey

Yeah but not amy buddy fun either.

How have we forgotten fight club? They have a female around but barely anymore than the maze runner did.

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I mean i guess

Hell yeah brother.


Lord of the Flies

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I think I'm watching that next tho if prefer something with older teens / young adults

Four Brothers

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LotR trilogy

Fight club?


Definitely fight club

Any gay porn?

>fight club
More about multiple personality disorder and anarchy then friendship

Half the movie is about the chick

Stand By Me
Hanging with the homeboys
White Water Summer
The Lost Boys
The Warriors
Point Break