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i hate niggers more than anything other than white traitors do me a HUGE FAVOR and stop making these threads i get sick seeing niggers physically ill i fucking hate them

For people who hate coloreds, you guys sure do think about niggers a lot. You sure you folks aint race traitors yourselves?

white men can't be traitors by fucking black women only white women can be traitors by fucking nigger males

Wrong nigger lover

But you obviously love nigger porn.


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thats the most unamerican thing I read today
you are not welcome here op... go away

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A race traitor is a race traitor. Also, if you're "white" with anything but blonde or red hair and blue eyes you're a mutt.

fukken jews

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and ofc nazi would be in this kind of thread too

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>not even American

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Go away tiny penis hapa faggot

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Fuck America
Heil Hitler

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show us your tiny Asian penis

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>whites have a very unhealthy and common interest in other people's penises
you like what you see?

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Fuck you stupid nigger your kind fuck with us and make fun of us just because we dont like to rape babies to get rid of aids

calm your autism and pray

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kill yourself Tenda no one loves you

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Ah you all need to get a grip, im a white man , and dont care about skin , if you an asshole i wont like ya if you ok i will , and black women are sexy ass hell

Kek. You're so insecure and it's hilarious

says the faggot Asian who spams black dicks every day for years to feel better about his tiny dick

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repent your racist sins and COPE

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apologize whiteboi

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Fuck the Pope
Fuck Jesus Christ: he was a sandnigger
Fuck nigger slaves

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sorry you have a tiny Asian dick, Tenda
maybe suicide would fix it

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get rekt whitebois

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blacks are more likely to join the military
Vietnam casualties were overwhelming niggers

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blacks are more likely to fuck your woman

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Niggers are 20% white from us fucking their women LOL
btw you got a tiny Asian dick

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lol this guy actually thinks it’s one dude spamming and not 100+ different alt righters with cuck fetishes

Americans are le 56% because only 13% blacks lol

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All I heard is you have a tiny Asian penis

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all you want to hear is about my penis

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>alt rights
No chink faggot. Just because your falseflag screencap says otherwise doesn't mean we don't know that this shit is spammed by kikes, Tenda Spencer, r/hapas and Asian masculinity. It's actually liberal faggots who tend to have cuck fetishes.

To laugh at how small it is, Tenda

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I deliberately call you guys alt righters as a pejorative because I know you Sup Forumstards hate it.
Here’s an image for yours truly

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Lol why is the nigger's dick smaller than a white dick? You said niggers had big dicks, Tenda.

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You just claimed it was "alt righters" spamming nigger dick but you hate "alt righters" and here you are posting nigger dick. Thanks for verifying that you're full of shit.

You lack reading comprehension. I never said it was only alt righters. I said it’s more likely that alt righters are the ones spamming as a whole.

No it's faggot chinks like you. Stop deflecting you fucking cowardly bitch. Sorry Asian guys have the smallest dicks.

Why are people so fixed up on race. If you didnt focus on insignificant shit like that more would get done. All races are worthless none are better than others.

I am completely unattracted to African-American women. I do not know or can explain why. But I feel absolutely no arousal to them whatsoever. I suppose in the back of my mind they seem so masculine and tough and those two qualities do not appeal to me.

If they seem masculine to you it's just because you are a weak feminine sissy bitch. I can beat up a black man so even black men are feminine compared to me.

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Perhaps that's true. I really don't care whatever the reason is. They never have done anything for me and never will.

>imagine admitting to being feminine and weak

I hate black men but I don't hate black women there the only ones who actually find me attractive I feel bad for black women they always have to deal with being called ugly but there not ugly I'm white btw

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This is a wholesome image

Race traitor

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Hitler was right



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