My secret is i want to fuck my 13 year old stepdaughter

My secret is i want to fuck my 13 year old stepdaughter

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post pics

I watched Epstein die. It was epic

Probably shouldn't.

Zozo, I fucked a nono. Now go to look and slowmo

fuck off with reddit: the thread

I (single father) want to leave my 3 year old daughter and family behind to go somewhere that isn't at shitty as here and start a completely new life focused on my passions, something I can't do here.


What's the situation with the mother?

Bought my daughter a phone, helped her set it up. Three hours later, I'm looking at pictures of her pussy...

She's around, does her own this but has the kid half the week. No court custody or anything like that, just word of mouth.


I like the smell of my earwax

grow the fuck up. you pay the consequences for your bad decisions. but instead you'd rather curse your innocent child with them? what kind of cock sucking cum bucket does a thing like that.

Same annon

I secretly want to know where I can watch tv shows and movies without paying for a damn subscription

Single father, three year old daughter. I've been fucking the babysitter for the past year. It's legal, but it'd be back news if her parents found out.

What would I curse her with by leaving? A normal life? By staying I curse her with a father that's fucked in the head.

How old? You and babysitter?

She was 16, I was 34.

She hot?

here redhead tits for you as a thank you good sir

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>My secret is i want to fuck my 13 year old stepdaughter

Don't bother she's not very good, despite all the practice.

Once my families dogs ended up with fleas and I developed and liking to picking the flea's off of them and popping them. There's something so satisfying about popping a big flea.

Shoulda fucked the dog man. Missed opportunity.

I sometimes lurk on s4s

gonna jerk off into some teen panties tonight or tomorrow, prolly gonna do it in her bed

I want to fuck my cousin

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