Post something random. Fuck you

Post something random. Fuck you.

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But anti-vaxxers are against vaccination, which is a prevention, not a cure.

Wait what?

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Oh, noes!

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Why are all those cars just standing still on an empty road?

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The restaurant to the left of it is Hepsee Chicken.

I don’t see what you did there.

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is that real? how the fuck did that happen?

It's called a sinkhole. these things happen, there's really no way of knowing when or where one will open up.
And yes this is real. This one open in china IIRC

Tien was trying to hold cell down long enough for the androids to escape

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My ex and I

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lets see her asshole

u win the thread gg

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Nice tits

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Two bombs wasn't enough

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Pajeet to nigger transformation

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why are the japanese like this?

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