First three words that come to mind or your mother will die in her sleep tonight

First three words that come to mind or your mother will die in her sleep tonight

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Keep America Great

I'm gonna puke

Shes From europe btw

Slide on in

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Very large pussy

I would fuck

what is that

Horse cock sleeve

Heile, heile Hitler

We Europeans are glad to receive the allegation of her European citizenship, but we are all agreed on that we need further prove on this matter.

The size of the person in question is clearly the size of an average American citizen, so that is why we are not willingly taking this person under our European Wings without further prove.

The Zoo´s have thus been notified of the possibility that this person could be a member of the EU.

Fat discusting ogre

slam diggity bam

Sure, why not

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Goddammit, this again

Fuck it now

go fuck yourself

get away bitch

here I come


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it's happening again

that is gross

Ew, gross, nasty

discoloration, piggy, vomit

Cliff Racer Plume.

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fuck off fag

Eat shit tits

fuck you op

no thank you

I want it

Smells like horseradish

Zoinks! Where’s Daphne!

Somebody kill OP

Yum yum niggerjew

mr cool ice

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i hope u die

lol no, shes from escondido,ca, usa

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fuck you op

oink oink oink

no, too fat

Ew very ugly

her cocksucking gifs are on /gif/

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fuck nigger bitches

May your peepee never get girls or even get girls like this

hitler nothing wrong