Wheres the rekt thread?

Wheres the rekt thread?

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What movie or television show is that from?

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>muscles burn off completely
>bones intact and moving

ah see your from 9gag,

>Wheres the rekt thread?
Not here, apparently.

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Looks like they were all getting a kick out of that

i was just looking at it i think it got deleted?

This is a fake and gay thread

I heard he didn't survived

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buncha wussies

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Imagine being such a pussy you need your niggas with you to beat up one skinny white kid

Boy in blue did pretty well all things considered

I think she was lashing out because she wanted his dick in her butt.

Shouldnt have relaxed

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In a perfect world the people who post rekt clips and pics would ALSO give out the story belonging to them in the same post. That would be absolutely ideal, and I honestly wonder why it doesn't happen more often, other than people are lazy and just want to post as fast as possible.

Dark magic

redditor faggot

Exactly who was rekt in this?

She tryna rape the boy?

kek, fat kid deserved it.

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The honor



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its real....kind of hes freaking out because of cold water

fuck off that shit isn't real as per

Imagine being such a newfag that you don't already know it's caused by nerve gas.

You have difficulty with reading comprehension don't you? user clearly implies that the vid is real insofar that the original footage of the kid is where he freaks out because of cold water is real, not the flames and bone legs effects added afterwards.

Now please fuck off the internet there's already too many retards on here.

this is the worst rekt thread of all time

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then it's not called "real" faggot

Braindamage that bad huh, alright kid, back to sucking off your special ed teacher

That's your family tradition isn't it? Sad to break it for you, not everyone's a retarded cocksucker just cause your momma and daddy do it all day.

Niggers gonna nig

Niggers being niggers. Not surprising

Did he catch him?


Looks like the guy that got dragged by the nigger's car and died.

anyone know the story here?

I hope this niggress got fired for how she manhandled poor grannie. oh sure they can be a pain in the ass but that's why you call for backup. fucking nigger whore!

Would still ruin

fuck off!


Looks like fucking King Kong

Typical niggers and he still won lol

Nigger children act just like nigger adults lmao. Or is it the other way around?

those niggers heard them saying the n-word

wow another racist thread

guess what geniouses, under the skin we are all the same. quit being pathetic.

I mean that might be true of humans but not niggers. Under a niggers skin is just anger and retardation. It's not like we're attacking black folk just niggers.

I'm gonna save this thread, just wait folks

Please do fam

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Popeye's ran out of chicken sandwiches again.

feral niggers

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Of course it's in a Boost Mobile

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Trips checked

He wouldnt be able to move his legs because his muscles are gone. if you think this is real, you gotta be fucking retarded or like 10 years old.

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close call

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That's the thing though, so many young white people have been indoctrinated to believe that niggers are human.

They completely let their guard down, instead of behaving appropriately like seeing a wild animal loose.

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is she bleeding eternally?

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I actually fell for it.

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"But then who was phone?"

--> The blue truck driver was

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>That glove toss at the end
Chill dude workin the till

please post white people doing these things so you dont create a culture of black shaming

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Got stuck in a hail storm and used her body to protect her child.

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oh nooooooooo

spics count as white people?

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Hoodie up = getting ready for some crimes

oh my god

just keep the gore and death non-biased

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