Am I thicc or nah

am I thicc or nah

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Don't matter, you got a hairy ass and it shows through your shaving.

Awh how do I hide tho

We need more pics to make a proper evaluation of the thiccness

Here’s another one >~

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And another >~

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but are you stretchy though?

thicc enough
The real question here is. Can it take a good dicking?

Wdym? I had my legs behind my head in this pic idk if that counts

Sorry for bad ass ;-;

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Idk I’m kinda tight, might have to stretch me out first sir >~

nice hole it needs a good fucking until it drips

man ass? trans?

Even your hands are girly.
Show feet

Neat butt user, I like it. Post your tongue!

> Post your tongue!
I second that


Finger in asshole

Here you go sir >~

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Ugh please sit on my face until I pass out faggot

you're a faggot that's for sure

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Not really. That’s a full, smooth booty you’ve got but it doesn’t have the requisite chunk and jiggle to be considered true thicc. It’s good shit tho, as long as it doesn’t feel like clacking pelvises when you fuck you’ve got enough meat on you.

They look so fucking smooth
I would put them on my face while I fuck your sluthole

Fuck. How are you so cute? You got an xvideos or anything?

drop kik

I don't know. The first pic was definitely lookin a little thicc

Ugh ok it’s bad though >~

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dick sucking lips

Fkin phone made it upside down smh

natural born whoreboi
do you have any girly clothes?

Nope sorryyyy

Not really at the moment, may think about it

youd look cute af with stockings

Just get a cheap fishnet and some black nail polish. You'll be perfect.
It's evident you love male attention, do you like girls as well?

Ty for suggesting >~

op do u have snapchat

Yeah I’m super bi

drop that kik

op I can't have enough of you.
Where can I get more pics? Do you have a nick?

Nope that’s for gayos

Just hope I post here again ig sorry ;-; if you have Reddit my username is remmywaifu if you ever wanna message me

would cum inside.

Well guys it was fun talking but now I must leave, cya and y’all like boys lul

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Where do u live?

bye love ya

fucking tease

pretty noice, area code?