What do i do if i have unlimited curses from god and gods trapping me in my small town?

What do i do if i have unlimited curses from god and gods trapping me in my small town?

>all i want is to leave small town for years
>fucking impossible
>no jobs nothing near me no car
>all the big cities i want to move rent is like 1000/mo
>be a super genius and finally start scamming people
>get rich overnight
>finally happy for the first time in my life
>ordering drugs off the deep web
>get an ounce of weed every week
>just laying in bed, watching shitty sitcoms, laughing my ass off like every 3 seconds because I’m so high and happy
>just keep taking drugs making fucking wads of cash non stop
>finally about to move to the city
>god gets me arrested
>i get the longest probation sentence in the world for being black

What do i do? Gods doing this. Gods making it impossible if i was white or anyone else i would just be able to be happy but gods after me.

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just a small town boy
livin' without any joy
everyday he’ll post this thread not goin' anywhere...

he'd rather be a city boy,
born and raised but now unemployed
he’s on probation for being black not goin' anywhere...

a nigger in a chilly room
smell of lead and mold, but what can he do?
god is cruel and we're not alright
it goes on and on and on and on…

I see your threads all the time, but I literally just came to the conclusion you're white.
Niggers don't put in this much effort

shouldn't of driven high, nigger

shouldn't of driven high, nigger

add me on discord my dad is a lawyer

where have you been the last few hours?

I hope he takes naps occasionally.

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Find a new god.

trapped black guy i'm hopelessly addicted to valium any advice

If I see that fucking cat one more time...

>I'll remember better times, please don't post it imma cry

>has wanted to leave small town for years
>first thing you do when you get money is buy drugs
>Don't save for big city until get more money

I mean, I think you need to get your priorities in check a bit. But anyway, sorry about the shitty experience in the broken system.

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take that bus ride down here to florida i'll hook you up

sounds like it might be possible that you got probation for committing crimes, but hey. what do i know.

>black guy addicted to Valium
Lol what

Quickly post this same shit everyday asshole


But seriously :(

redpill me on driving high

Don’t do it if youre black Al my whites friends get caught driving drunk and they just tell them to go home.

I see white people aith 4 duis and in court getting treated better than me

So just don’t be black. And for the bit of information


thanks you subhuman shitskin


i'm a cracker but you're the one who's salty

shouldn't of driven high, NIGGER