Ask someone who beat the shit out of a drunk marine anything

Ask someone who beat the shit out of a drunk marine anything.

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maybe he didn't get his drunk invoice of actint, user?

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Wtf are you trying to say?

weeb faggot

Yknow the money that goes to the Tier 1/2/3/4 and the army/navy/airforce/guardcoast
IS what keeps america safe right?
Without such an advanced military development USA would have been fucked by the soviets/china/mexico/¿canada? on the 50s/90s and thats a fact
What makes a nation strong its the citizens and the army and its that simple
Not because you "beat the shit out" of a drunk person (proof or didnt happend) means you know everything about how a country works and that the world is a fantasy where countries dont take advantage of less developed ones just because they can.....
This is probably b8 but a good one
Also the fact that you are trying to blame the expenses of the military on the people who enlisted makes you look retarded

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pics or it didn't happen

>uses money to keep america safe

Are you a fuckin retard. The military hasn't done shit since ww2. They've been useless for almost a whole century.

Let me guess, you're part of the PC hugbox "support our troops" culture.

>hasn't done shit
neither have you

yep damn right.
but i'm not the one autistically asking the public to call me a hero; all while failing to adapt to the simplest tasks of real society and end up living in a box on the street.

well, according to your meme, we might as well not put it towards education either due to it producing a bunch of self admitting do nothings

yes, correct
education does nothing but make crybaby liberals

do me a favor. never leave your repub circlejerk and live out the rest of your mediocre income life.


No you're just autistically on a soapbox, on the platform specifically for autist's. Congratulations you played yourself, but for taking such a brave stance, thank you for your service

sorry faggot, I'm the one you wanna tax the shit out of

military is there to aid the rich get resources from poor countries
read a book or listen to some history podcasts
don't be a tool

why do you go on the internet and tell lies?

I want to enlist simply to meet people of Exotic culture and kill them

Imagine going out to war while your wife is being banged. Then end up losing you legs your wife leaves you takes half of your money. Is this the American dream?

imaging your own bait sucks so back you have to samefag bump it and it still sucks

*so bad*

Itt: larp

Why can’t you prove it?

200% mad. Trump is getting re-elected. The Bernout is a hack.

What's the difference between a Marine and a blow job?

oh wow an actual triggered marine, fuck yourself. The American military is literally the largest destablizing force in the world and only serves to make us LESS safe, so thanks for creating an environment that provides the world with an endless stream of psychotic terrorists you fucking welfare queen baby murderer
my question is why are you so based

Wanna get real mad?
I’m a retired E7, I get a pension plus va disability. And Tri care and free college. I also used my enlistment bonus to buy a duplex that I rent out for cash flow.
Your tax dollars pay for me to smoke weed and get hand jobs at Asian massage places

Your mom gives blow jobs to niggers but not marines ?

Why is it an accomplishment to beat up some one to drunk to fight back properly? I mean if you beat up a kid you wouldn't be proud of it.

The correct answer is "about a six-pack".

Jokes on you. I was single in deployment.
I didn’t get my legs blown off but I did get to kill three ragheads in Kandahar. I’ve also mastered the art of jacking of in a Port a potty


I had gay secks with two marines

? They get paid because they do a job

This makes zero sense

You're a worthless piece of trash. And probably a liar to boot.

>he thinks I give a fuck about his opinions

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> tired, predictable, whiny hipster talking points

Ride your fixed gear bike down to the local greenspace, find the nearest body of water, and drown yourself in it.

I’m also using my sweet sweet GI Bill now slaying all sorts of poon

Lol the dude is SEETHING

Every nations military performs the same destabilization tactics. This is sadly human nature. Blah Blah US is bad Blah Blah. Are China or Russia any better? We're pawns in a large scale game my friends and none of this matters which is possibly the most ironic part. We place importance on it because it pertains to our existence, but in the grand scheme of things it means jack shit.

100 !!!!!!!
Say it again for the people in the back!!!

Freedom has only ever been won at the point of a gun, by those willing to serve. What's your point?

Are you from san diego? because you sound like you are

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You've probably never lived in a place with drunk marines. When in groups theyre worse than niggers and twice as entitled. The op just went through a right of passage on par with losing his virginity or winning a prestigious award.

Navy fag here, this post is 100 percent accurate

No question. Just wanted to let you know I’m proud of you.

Military got watered down so that any little queer or faggot can join. You ain's done nothing worthy.

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Lol I guess you don't know why our gas prices are so low..


>Paid to kill communist: worse communist of all.

A signed confession. I appreciate your candor.
This is an important thread.
Not doing shit is the noblest thing a person can do. Sit in your chamber.
Work shaming. I'm calling Elvin.
...and how are you not still a parasite?

A Marnie level unclever deflect. Marnie confirmed
THIS. What is the actual headcount? Wink. Of out marines.? Seems like a lot.

What about peace through Superior fire power? -. Bodie, point break.

Or being your own man, and defending yourself.

Always was. The nature of collectivism attracts the weak.

The real question is why do they think they are elite? You do one more push up than an army private, and suddenly you think you are SAS.



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>I’ve also mastered the art of jacking of in a Port a potty
Bitch please, get on my level.

Try jacking off handless in the middle of formation when your DI is talking about everybody else's Jody is being fucked and then talk to me.

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then you know why the keep marines aboard ship, don't you?


So this is the air forced army? As much as I love the air Force, how is this any less stupid than the Navy's army? Isn't the air forces mandate technology over boots? I.e. the trend of all warfare throughout human history? Therefore the only responsible, financially, morally, force projection efficiency? That makes it the only branch that matters in the first place?

Air Force commandos are not enough?